How to dual boot Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is the latest from Canonical and the LTS part ensures a 5 year long term support from Canonical. Windows 10 is a pretty good OS in its own right. But if you’re like me, it can get pretty boring at times doing things the same way over and over. Windows is quite customizable but its nowhere near the level of an open source platform as Ubuntu. But then, Windows has the apps advantage so it can’t be replaced as easily for many. That was my very simplistic reason for a dual boot setup. But there are a lot of other reasons you might want to have both Windows and Ubuntu on your machine.

This tutorial will guide you on how you can perform the installation of Ubuntu 16.04 in dual-boot with a Microsoft Operating System on machines that come pre-installed with Windows 10.

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The Holofone Phablet is a 7-inch Android phone / Windows PC with a built-in projector

Chinese OEM Akyumen (Pronounced like “acumen,” probably) will soon bring a very intriguing device to the Windows 10 ecosystem (via Windows Central). Its Holofone Phablet is a 7-inch device that sports an Intel Cherry Trail processor, a built-in projector, but more important it is said to be “compatible with both Android and Windows OS.”

Akyumen may not be well known as a manufacturer, but the company currently sells a Windows 10 tablet and an Android phone with built-in projectors, plus other phone accessories. However, the Holofone Phablet is a whole different beast: according to the official spec sheet, the device has a “2 in 1” operating system with both Windows 10 and Android Lollipop.

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