[Poll] Allo is kind of dead in a way, are you still using it?

I’m pretty sure if you are even mildly involved in the Android world you know what Allo is. The expectedly revolutionary chat app that fell short on so many levels as I pointed out when it came out. While Allo did open to much fanfare like its sibling Duo and also much like it and Pokemon Go, users left disappointed when they found it wasn’t what they expected.

On September 28th, Allo co-lead Justin Uberti announced the app had received a staggering 5 million downloads within 5 days of launch. While it wasn’t as quick a rise as Duo, which reached #1 rankings within two days, it was still a great start.  Continue reading “[Poll] Allo is kind of dead in a way, are you still using it?”

Google Allo and Duo might get integrated

Google’s new AI powered chat app Allo was released this Monday and it opened to it’s fair share of criticism. While Google never promised that Allo and Duo will be Android’s iMessage and Facetime, people were expecting them to be with all the hype surrounding both the apps. Confusing SMS integration aside, Allo still lacks in a few departments that make it not very different from any other messaging app already available on android but instead lacking in features and convinience that the competition offers.

And when fans have been waiting for Google to give them something amazing, it’s no surprise they were disappointed when they were given just yet another messaging app. However, it seems that things will indeed change in the foreseeable future…

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Google’s new messaging app Allo arriving on September 21st

Back at Google I/O, the company took the wraps off two apps – Allo and Duo. Duo is a video calling app that Google has already released, meaning that users are just waiting around for Allo right now. The good news is that the wait might not be much longer because according to famed leakster Evan Blass, he claims that Allo will be launching this week.

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Google Duo : How was the user response?

Google’s new video calling app Duo is getting quite a bit of attention in the media and in online discussions. I myself at first was really excited about it, then I became one of those people discussing Duo on the internet, then I realized how it’s not really all that great.

It has been a mixed experience for me regarding personal usage as well. Is it worth enough to switch from another well established service such as Hangouts or Facebook Messenger?

Let’s see what the users have had to say.

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Google Hangouts Looks To Gain Enterprise Focus. Seperate from Allo and Duo

Google released Duo, its new video chatting application for Android and iOS devices. The app is meant to compete with Apple’s FaceTime and Facebook’s Messenger. It will soon be joined by Allo, a dedicated texting app with a splash of artificial intelligence. Google already has a handful of messaging apps, and you might be wondering what will become of its mainstay, Google Hangouts.

It turns out that the app is primed to live on as an enterprise communications tool.

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Google Duo : Where it fails

Google Duo has been out for Android and iOS for only a few hours now and I have already had a few discussions about it. I know it sounds really great but now having used the app for a while and also being pointed out by some unknown online friends, all I can say is all those reviews out there claiming it can be a rival to FaceTime, could not be more wrong. Here’s why :

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Google Duo out in many countries : All you need to know to get started, and then some

UPDATE : Audio only calls support coming soon

Apple’s FaceTime is incredibly simple to use, but only allows you to call fellow iOS or Mac users.Google’s latest app, Duo, attempts to recreate the simplicity of FaceTime but works across Android and iOS.

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Oh would you look at that! Google’s video chat app Duo is out already [UPDATE : Audio only coming soon]

UPDATE : Audio calls support “coming soon”

At Google I/O this year along with a lot of other interesting things Google announced it’s messenger and video calling apps named Allo and Duo saying they will be available sometime later in the Summer. And it looks like later in the summer has finally arrived as Google officially announced on its blog that the video calling app Duo is rolling out now. There’s no word on Allo yet.

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