Google Pixel watch : What we know

Google has installed Rick Osterloh, the former head of Motorola’s mobile division, as the new senior vice president of hardware. There’s a dedicated Made by Google site that shows off all the gear, further solidifying that hardware will be a major part of Google’s strategy going forward. Nearly every speaker at the event talked about how Google services and the company’s desire to build a “personal Google” for every user require a deep integration between hardware and software. The tenor of the gathering and the new shift by Google told us this wasn’t a one-off event.

Certainly, a Google smartwatch has been rumoured for a long long time now but until recently there weren’t many substantial evidences. According to Evan Blass, a reputable leakster, two new Google smartwatches are up for launch in  Q1 2017.

The two smartwatches — first rumored in July this year — will launch running Android Wear 2.0 which was also supposed to be arriving this year but has been pushed back to Q1 of 2017.  So here’s everything that we know so far, or at least think we know. Continue reading “Google Pixel watch : What we know”

iOS 10 : Release date and everything you need to know

Alongside the launch of the new iPhone this week, Apple is preparing for its “biggest iOS release ever”. The launch of iOS 10, the operating system designed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, is anticipated as the most significant iOS revamp since Apple overhauled the design in 2013 with the release of iOS 7.

Like every iOS before it, iOS 10 is packed with a bounty of brand-new features designed to make your phone more useful than ever. It’s not available to download quite yet, but here’s a rundown of all the bells and whistles you have to look forward to come September 13th.

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LG V20 : Software

LG just announced the V20, a successor to last year’s V10 smartphone. In 2015, the V10 stood out for its unique, sturdy design, a great camera, and audiophile-grade music playback. LG has retained two of those strengths and introduced others for the sequel.

Check out the first impressions and the comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 if you haven’t already. Here is where we talk about the software.

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LG V20 is official : Everything you need to know

When LG unveiled its V10 last year, it was…  it was a little weird. With a beefy body, a double-selfie camera and a tiny second screen, the V10 was the result of LG being a little weird. But the phone did surprisingly well around here. Then the G5 happened. Everybody flocked towards the shiny new S7 / edge from Samsung and about a week ago, that’s what I’d have said would happened to the V20. But then the Note 7 started exploding all over.

Perhaps the Note 7 recall is why South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc, reeling from continued losses from its smartphone business, unveiled its new V20 premium smartphone on Wednesday, hoping for a pick-up on Samsung’s misfortunes and boost sales in the second half even though its exactly the day when the iPhone 7 is coming out.

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Reliance Jio is going live today for everyone. Here’s how you can get a SIM and everything else you need to know

Reliance Jio has created a history in telecom industry,with its cheapest tariffs and plans already. Now the time is for it’s official launch from Sep 5. As announced by Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani,the free welcome offer is open to all from tomorrow and free to use till 31 Dec 2016.

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Reliance Jio : Compatibility to Plans, everything made easy to understand

Reliance is pushing its Jio 4G even before its official launch in the country. The Ambani-owned telecom network is available to consumers across the country in the form of Jio Preview that offers 90 days of free data and voice calls (across all networks and even on roaming).

Initially, Jio 4G was only available to those who bought the company’s branded Lyf phones, which start from as low as Rs 2,999. But after partnering with Samsung and offering its JioFi mobile router, there are now more people eligible for the preview offer. The list just keeps getting bigger by the day.

Want to try Reliance Jio’s new 4G data and free voice calls offer? Not sure which all smartphones the services will be available on? Here’s a comprehensive list of smartphones supporting Reliance Jio’s 4G services.

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TESLA : Everything you need to know, that you probably didn’t

Tesla has taken more than its fair share of headlines over the past few years. The Californian company has been heralded by the tech and motoring presses for its innovation, stirring up fairly a traditional market and introducing electric cars with a distinct buzz about them.

Some of this has been driven by the excitement of the much talked about “Ludicrous” mode on some Tesla cars, some through the company’s drive to move away from fossil fuels. There’s been a good helping of savvy media handling by CEO Elon Musk, as well as endorsements from many excited customers, as well as the sort of fan enthusiasm usually reserved for brands like Apple.

But what does Tesla really offer, what’s coming in the future and how can you you join in the fun? Here’s everything you need to know about Tesla Motors.

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Android Auto is Google’s answer to Apple Car Play. Designed to make everything simpler when driving, it will display the same familiar interface that you’re used to, on the touch screen in the car.

All that is needed to sync with your Android (5.0 lollipop or higher) device is a USB cable and you’re good to go. It will display the Android operating system on the car’s display. It uses a card system to display different information like a next turn from Google Maps on one card and maybe a calendar reminder or the weather on another card.


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