How to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

Pokecoins are extremely rare commodities in Pokemon Go. They can be used to buy a variety of things. They also represent the in-game currency that you buy with real money. There is at least one other way to earn Pokecoins and we’ll show you how to do it. Please note, virtually any other way not described here is either a scam or cheating.

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Get Free 4g with Reliance Jio on any smartphone. Official launch in October

Reliance Jio is all set to launch commercially and will be soon available to the public, but that’s not stopping them from coming up with new ways to tap into new users. Previously, we have seen how the company is offering 4G LTE speeds for comparatively less price, and it also introduced MNP service which could also get them more users. They are also bundled free Jio SIM cards with the LYF smartphones. They already have over 7,00,000 users even without launching officially in India.

Reliance Jio may commercially launch 4G voice and high-speed data services in October ahead of festive season. The brokerage firm says Jio may already be handling the second-highest data traffic among all telecom operators and could ramp up close to the highest even before launch.

Jio’s network is expected to handle usage of 5 GB per month data each by over 100 million subscribers. Reliance Jio has Pan India 2300 MHz spectrum band and 1800 MHz in 14 circles. The company recently teamed up with Samsung to offer unlimited data, voice calls and SMS for 90 days for select Samsung smartphones. It may offer to users of Apple as well as HP devices in the next few days. Earlier this month, Reliance slashed prices for Lyf’s entry level phones. This may boost overall traffic and Jio the largest data network even before its commercial launch, the brokerage predicted.

With 1.5 million subscribers using an average of 26 GB a month, Jio’s monthly data traffic is nearing 39 million GB. CLSA says using fourth quarter 2015-16 mobile data traffic (2G+3G) of incumbents, Jio’s network may already be handling the second-highest data traffic.

CLSA said,

Our tests reveal no notable drop in user experience despite major rise in data traffic, which points to Jio’s large capacity. Milking its large capacity will be the core to Jio’s strategy of offering data at attractive unit pricing and still achieving high targeted average revenue per user (ARPU).

Until now, the SIM cards were not readily available to everyone but after announcing the SIM supported for Samsung smartphones, the company is apparently trying to get more users by offering a Preview offer code for all the Android users. According to the sources, it is possible to install the My Jio app now on any Android smartphone and get a preview offer code. We tested this initially on the HTC 10 smartphone, and it worked perfectly, so did on other few smartphones like OnePlus 3, etc.

So here’s what we did to get the Preview offer code on My Jio app.

  • Uninstall all the Jio apps if you have installed any of them previously.
  • Now download the My Jio App again.
  • Click on Install all, and install all the ten apps. Once done, exit the app now.



  • Disconnect your Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Now open the app and click open on My Jio to see “No network connection” prompt on top. Ignoring that you can also see “Get Jio SIM” button.



  • Click on it to see “No network” prompt again. At this point, go back and toggle your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data on.
  • Now when you click the button, you will see Preview Offer code instruction.



  • Follow them to get the code and proceed further by submitting your documents etc.



Note, that this method works for almost all the smartphones if followed correctly. And it when we say all the smartphones, we mean the ones included without 4G as well. So basically almost any smartphone running Android is eligible for this preview offer. Various reports are claiming that this is a bug in their Jio application. But this is not illegal by any means. So one need not worry about any of it and proceed with this if he/she wishes to.

What’s in it for Reliance

Well, it is clear that at this point, the company wants more and more new users to join their network. Offering 4G LTE speeds for comparatively less price and now this, all these promising offers on free usage, etc. will definitely get more attention. Also, if you noticed, the procedure involves the users to install all the ten application from Jio as well. So indirectly, they are also getting more users to use these apps as well. All these services are not bad by any means, but after all, they are all just value added services that users may or may not use. So now if you manage to get your SIM activated, then you can use the Jio services with all their promotional offers. Let us know if this worked for you and would you be interested in switching from your current carrier to Jio.

One Plus 3 International Giveaway

One Plus 3 is one of the better android smart phones released this year and for a price tag of just 399 USD it outperforms does kill at least one certain X series flagship phone providing almost all the same features at almost half the price.

The One Plus 3 supports all the three network bands and sports a 5.5″ 1080p AMOLED display which is not bad by any standards.It comes equipped with Snapdragon’s latest and greatest 820 chipset coupled with Adreno 530 GPU and 6 GB of RAM which should be more than enough for even the heavy users. It’s a dual sim device with a 16MP rear facing camera and an 8MP front facing shooter and the camera quality is good enough for the price range and a 3000mAh battery to power the machine which should easily last you through a day with over 4 to 5 hours of S.O.T.

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