Android Nougat rides the Galaxy wave to gain massive distribution boost in February

Since it’s launch last year, Android nougat has struggled to gain market distribution just like any other Android version has over the past years. The Google Pixel had it from the start and several devices from the likes of HTC, Motorola, Sony and LG have had their nougat updates as well yet by the end of January, Nougat 7.0 and 7.1 combined were only present on a mere 1.2% of Android devices.  Continue reading “Android Nougat rides the Galaxy wave to gain massive distribution boost in February”

The US President Donald Trump doesn’t want to give up his ‘old and unsecure’ Android

Donald Trump may have made a lot of good choices in his life to be where he is today, and I wouldn’t play diplomatic, it is certainly good to know choosing Android was one of them. Sure, it’s Trump, and he has a reputation, but he’s famous right. Although, when reports come out claiming that the POTUS uses an old Samsung Galaxy S3 you’re bound to wonder if that decision was an educated decision or just flowing along with the wind. The Galaxy S3 was one of the best selling smartphones of 2012 after all.

Anyway, the main issue here is that it is a very old Android smartphone and it is by any estimates not secure at all especially when it is used by the most powerful and apparently quite hated man in the world who will be the target of numerous individuals and organisations. Continue reading “The US President Donald Trump doesn’t want to give up his ‘old and unsecure’ Android”

Chinese OEMs nibbling at Samsung’s market share in India

Samsung is a global brand and that often accompanies the inability to manufacture a product specific to a single region. That is what appears to be happening with Samsung in India. It may not be totally wrong to say this is like a déjà vu for Samsung after their endeavours in China. Much like China, India’s $10 billion smartphone industry – which is still growing as opposed to the global trend – is a very price sensitive market.  Continue reading “Chinese OEMs nibbling at Samsung’s market share in India”

Touchwiz now renamed as Samsung Experience

Skinning Android, to make it look, feel and behave differently than Google’s Android software and other versions of Android is something OEMs have been doing ever since the inception of Android in 2008. It is part of the Android culture now, a tradition of sorts. One of the widely known skins is Samsung’s Touchwiz UI which has probably received the most flak and ridicule by Android enthusiasts and stock Android lovers.

Touchwiz has been more than just a skin though, it is an experience you’d expect from a Samsung device, whether you think it is good or bad depends on you. But Samsung seems to have officially hung TouchWiz out to dry in the latest Nougat beta for the Galaxy S7. Continue reading “Touchwiz now renamed as Samsung Experience”

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours : 6GB RAM, 256 GB storage, Snapdragon 835

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours have emerged once more, and they are extremely encouraging. In the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Samsung appears to be going for broke, preparing possibly the most formidable flagship device it has ever created. For one, it appears like Samsung would be utilizing the most advanced next-generation mobile chipset from Qualcomm for the Galaxy S8, making the device the first of a new generation of flagship devices. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours : 6GB RAM, 256 GB storage, Snapdragon 835”

Save your money, ‘Glossy Black’ Galaxy S7 is coming soon

With the Note 7 consigned to the dumpster fire of history, Samsung needs something to fill up the void, as competitors are using the opportunity to sell in their offerings that normally customers might not have considered had the Note 7 still been in market. We’ve already seen the “blue coral” GS7 edge, and now it looks like it may be joined by a darker, glossier version of the “onyx black” color that’s been available from launch.

According to The Korea Herald newspaper yesterday, Samsung is readying to release its own Jet Black Galaxy S7 in December to make up for lost sales stemming from Note 7’s discontinuation. Continue reading “Save your money, ‘Glossy Black’ Galaxy S7 is coming soon”

Harman Audio could come to Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones, but not in the Galaxy S8

Samsung was eyeing Harman to strengthen its connected automobiles business, where Harman is a leading player. But it’s natural to wonder if Samsung will use Harman’s audio experience in its smartphones. Well, wonder no more.

Samsung’s S-series of Galaxy phones may come with high-end Harman speakers in 2018, the company hinted during a press conference in Seoul. The information comes a week after the South Korean tech giant acquired Harman International Industries in a deal worth $8 billion. Continue reading “Harman Audio could come to Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones, but not in the Galaxy S8”

Samsung Electronics will focus more on software going forward, not the hardware

Samsung has, for quite some time now, been leading the global smartphone market with its well-made hardware based on strong competitiveness of parts for many years. But as the market gets flooded with cheaper Chinese options that provide a flagship experience with the price of smartphone components coming down, it is getting increasingly difficult to justify the price tag for Samsung’s flagships.

Cheaper device models are able to provide a smooth, joined up experience for the customer once reserved for flagship models. Companies such as MediaTek have introduced new, higher performance mid-range chipsets, and Samsung itself has contributed to this by selling its AMOLED panels at more affordable prices, meaning that more and more models are gaining this once-premium display type. Continue reading “Samsung Electronics will focus more on software going forward, not the hardware”

Have a Samsung Phone? Protect it like your new born baby for thou shall not get repairs

There’s only so much one can squeeze into a headline.Samsung, not just one of the largest, but “the” largest smartphone manufacturer of the world is apparently refusing to repair Galaxy S7 Edge units that are out of warranty, and also under warranty devices if the problem happens to be one not covered under the warranty.

Have you ever teased a friend for having an iPhone, or being an Apple fanboy? If not, you’ve probably tried convincing some Apple guy on the internet to switch. We all love that don’t we. So did Sol Rieger’s friends probably. They made him try out a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and he liked it. Liked it a bit too much and after two months of use he was considering switching completely. These are the customers Samsung might just love to woo. But then, “it all just came shattering downContinue reading “Have a Samsung Phone? Protect it like your new born baby for thou shall not get repairs”

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