Google Assistant coming to all Android 6.0+ devices

Google Assistant is coming to your Android device soon. Yes, no root, no Gapps. That is if you have a device that runs on Android 6.0 and above. The rollout to Android devices running Marshmallow and above will open up the Google Assistant to about 30 percent of Android users.
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Google may enable Google Assistant on non Pixel devices

The Google Assistant arrived last year with the first Google branded smartphones as an exclusive feature, however, it didn’t remain so, at least officially. In fact, developers managed to find a way to enable the Assistant on the Nexus 6P even before the first Pixel was shipped. Seeing how easy it was to just enable the Google Assistant on any other smartphone it was speculated that its official exclusivity to Pixel was only for a while. That speculation could turn out to be true sooner than expected. The LG G6 is said to be arriving with the Google Assistant and now an update to the Google App suggests that the AI powered assistant could make its way onto even more devices. Continue reading “Google may enable Google Assistant on non Pixel devices”

Open Gapps now lets you optionally install Google Assistant

Google Assistant was introduced at Google I/O last year as a more personal assistant than Google Now but later when it launched, it was exclusive for the Google made hardware such as the Google Pixel, Google Home, and Android TV. We also got a glimpse of Google Assistant with Allo which could be installed on any android or iOS smartphone, but the assistant works only with texts. Other than that, Google Assistant is available on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) and is rumoured to be a part of the upcoming LG G6 as well. Continue reading “Open Gapps now lets you optionally install Google Assistant”

Google Assistant inside Allo learns hindi as highest number of Allo users are in India

In a bid to take its Allo app experience to millions in India, Google on Monday, as promised, has started rolling out Hindi Assistant to its Allo instant messaging app in India. To recall, Google at its Make for India event in September had promised that Allo will receive Hindi Assistant later this year.

To get started, just ask the Google Assistant, “Talk to me in Hindi.” You can also change the language settings if you’re more comfortable interacting with the Assistant by default in Hindi. Allo’s Smart Reply feature — which offers automated canned responses — is also available in Hindi. The feature suggests responses based on the language you’re typing in. So if you ask a query in Hindi, you’ll see a Smart Reply in that language. Continue reading “Google Assistant inside Allo learns hindi as highest number of Allo users are in India”

Google Assistant can share web articles you’re reading with others

Back when Allo was announced, and even as it was launched to a mixed response to say the least, the most exciting and the only well received aspect of it was the inbuilt Google Assistant. But with the release of Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Google Assistant can finally be put through its paces and users can see to what extent they can use the virtual assistant. So far Google has only advertised the core features of Assistant, such as opening apps, asking questions, creating notes and reminders, along with many other typical information-related queries or tasks.

On the social media side of things, though, not much has been said about how it can help users interact and share content. Social media is an important aspect of the lives of many people, and for the most part, we look at and make posts from our smartphones. The same goes for looking at online content. With Google Assistant, Google wants to make our phones smarter for the things we use them for, so social media is a natural integration. As users are getting their hands in the Pixel, they’re also finding more tricks that are hidden beneath the surface. Continue reading “Google Assistant can share web articles you’re reading with others”

Google is hiring comedians to add a sense of humour to Google Assistant

Google is on a roll these days. They have come up with their latest phone Pixel with an aim to give a massive competition to Apple’s iPhone.

In a bid to break the market, they are also bringing their own version of Siri – a digital online assistant. While the name isn’t as fancy as Siri (It’s called Google Assistant), it promises to have something that Siri might not have! A sense of humour. Not to say Siri isn’t funny at all. She definitely has her moments. But personally, I would call her the Queen of Sass.

In general, Artificial intelligence, in practice, isn’t very funny. Ask Siri or Amazon Alexa to tell you a joke, and you’ll probably get something a 10-year-old would scrunch her nose at.  Continue reading “Google is hiring comedians to add a sense of humour to Google Assistant”

Simplest ways to get the Google Assistant on any Android Marshmallow device (Updated)

When Google released another messaging app, Allo, it opened to much hype and expectations and fell short as it came across a service in development. Google is trying hard and they are planning on adding chat themes to Allo as well but I don’t think anything is going to work until they bring in SMS support and a desktop/web client at least.

However, what almost everyone would agree on is that the integrated Google Assistant is pretty dope. Talking to Google Assistant on Allo almost made me wish I could use voice to talk to it. I’ve never been a fan of talking to my phone before this. Like Siri and Cortana, Google Assistant has a personality, unlike them, it develops over time the more you use it. Continue reading “Simplest ways to get the Google Assistant on any Android Marshmallow device (Updated)”

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