Made by Google : Google Home launched

Apart from the Pixel Smartphones, it’s Google Home — the company’s AI-powered Amazon Echo rival — that could be the most important piece of hardware displayed on stage today at the Google Event in San Fransisco.

Google is playing catch up here, following in Amazon’s footsteps after the company unveiled the Echo back in 2014. With the Echo, the retailer created a new home for AI digital assistants; those programs that are supposed to help manage your life by scheduling meetings, buying plane tickets, and so on.
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Made by Google : Daydream VR headset announced, will cost $79

We already knew Google will not only use its Oct. 4 hardware event to unveil two new flagship phones, but the also its first-ever Daydream virtual reality headset. So its not a big surprise that Google did indeed announce it, however, its still every bit as exciting as it would be had I not known anything. Daydream VR is Google’s affordable answer to Samsung VR.  Continue reading “Made by Google : Daydream VR headset announced, will cost $79”

Live Blog : Watch the Google Event LIVE Stream right here #madebygoogle

We only have a few hours to go until the highly speculated October 4th (or October 5th) Google Event, but Google has already put up the video link for the LIVE stream. You can watch it here if you want some company and we can discuss events as they unfold. Follow on twitter and lets discuss events in realtime. Should be fun right? The event starts at 9AM PST.


Google Pixel hype has reached Australia; Telstra will Stock Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL

Google is setting itself a high bar for October Pixel phone reveal. By now, you must be aware that Google is going to unveil some things #MadeByGoogle at the event two of which will be the Pixel and Pixel XL.

For those that are unaware of the event, it does seem that Google is keen to ensure that they become aware of the event prior to the event taking place. Compared to previous years, it seems as though Google has been on quite a marketing push of late with billboards being spotted and even large statues which not only hint at the upcoming Pixel smartphones but also clearly detail the ‘made by Google’ branding and the date of the event. Continue reading “Google Pixel hype has reached Australia; Telstra will Stock Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL”

[VIDEO]360-degree Google Pixel XL rendering surfaces, reveals dimensions

As we quickly approach Google’s big Oct. 4th event in San Francisco, new information about what Google could have in store has been leaking out almost every single day now. Google phones still won’t be officially announced until Tuesday. Until then, we can only get excited about leaks, rumors, and reports about the phones

The latest is another 360° video render, this time of the Pixel XL that leaves nothing to the imagination. We’ve previously had 360° video rendering of the smaller sibling, the Google Pixel known back then as the Nexus Sailfish.

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Google needs to set the stage on fire (not like the Note 7) if Pixel is to succeed

Google, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name? The logo? The search engine? The plethora of software (such as Android and Chrome) and services (such as Gmail)?

When we hear ‘Google’ we do not immediately think of the hardware side of Google, not sure even Google does. But the Mountain View, California-based tech giant is increasing its focus on hardware, and the winds of change could start blowing with the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL phones.

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Chromecast Ultra might ditch the Chrome branding after all

We’ve been hearing about the new Chromecast with 4K video support that would be launched at the Octobr 4th Google event. Now we know how it might look thanks to these newly leaked renders by gadget soothsayer Evan Blass (otherwise known as evleaks) by way of VentureBeat.

We’ve earlier had reports that the latest preview firmware for the Chromecast had replaced the Chrome logo with the ubiquitous ‘G’ logo. And now it seems the new ChromecastUltra might do the same.

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Andromeda : Android/Chrome OS Hybrid might launch on rumoured Nexus 7 tablet

Hours before now, there was a report from Android Police that Google was working on a laptop, a successor for the last year’s Chromebook Pixel, to introduce the Android/Chrome OS hybrid Andromeda. According to the report, the new Google laptop is known internally as ‘Bison’ and has been given the informal ‘Pixel 3’ nickname.

Now another report out of 9to5Google mentions that there is a second device that will be launching with Andromeda, and that is a “Nexus” tablet, built by Huawei. Yes, that’s the rumoured tablet you may have heard.

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Andromeda : the merger of Android and Chrome OS might be teased on October 4th

If you thought Google’s October 4 event — where the firm is rumored to launch two smartphones, Google Home, Daydream VR, Chromecast Ultra, and Wi-Fi Routers — wasn’t packed enough, think again.

Since October of 2015 and before, we have been hearing of Google‘s plan to merge Android and Chrome OS into a single OS made to would work on phones, tablets, and even computers. With Google’s upcoming October 4 event quickly approaching, we’re now starting to hear that the fabled Android-Chrome OS merge might finally get announced alongside the new Pixel phones…

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