Google’s busy Monday included feature-full updates to Play Books, Photos & a new app called Google Trips

Apart from the official invite, teaser video, and a website for the October 4th event in San Francisco, Google had a pretty busy Monday rolling out app updates introducing new features and a brand new travel assistant app. Yes, a Monday!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s the new and exciting.

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Google’s Bubble Zoom Changes How You Read Comics On Phones

Machine learning is one of the buzzwords being bantered around in the tech world right now. In spite of being a buzzword though, it does seem to be a truly remarkable advancement which can greatly improve many everyday aspects. The latest of which is now being seen today. While this is not an advancement which will be of use to everyone, for those who read comics, this is quite the new feature rolling out to Google Play Books and one which is fueled based on machine learning.

Back in November of last year, Google did announce an update for Google Play Books which looked to improve the comic reading experience on Android smartphones and tablets. Fast forward to today and while Comic-Con is in full swing in San Diego, Google has announced another update and this one looks to improve the other part of the digital comic puzzle, speech bubbles. This latest update improve the display and presentation of speech bubbles in comics shown on mobile devices. Google is doing this by introducing their new ‘Bubble Zoom’ feature which essentially increases the size of bubbles as you read along. The reader can simply tap the smartphone and the bubble pops out making it easier to read the content. Tapping the device again moves to the next bubble and so on. All of this while also managing to maintain the original display size of the comic. So users essentially no longer have to zoom to read a bubble and then zoom out again to continue with the natural flow of the comic. The machine learning aspect is what makes this possible as it is able to understand what are speech bubbles and therefore, provide the opportunity for them to pop out while still maintaining the original display size.

In terms of accessing the new feature, the update is now rolling out to the Google Play Books app, although it seems it will not be usable on all comics quite yet. However, to celebrate the release of the new Bubble Zoom feature, Google is running a sale on select DC comics. Interested users can save up to 50-percent on select titles by using coupon code SDCC2016 during checkout. You can see an example of how the new Bubble Zoom feature looks and works below or head through the link below to take advantage of the 50-percent off sale.



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