Google Playstore testing a refresh button on the new My apps screen also in testing

The Google Playstore has come a long way from its gingerbread days and mostly for the better. In fact, many will even agree finding apps on the Playstore is now easier than doing so on Apple’s Appstore, although, that’s not to say it does not have anymore room to improve. Google is now testing a redesigned ‘My apps & games’ section which makes it easier to categorize your apps.  Continue reading “Google Playstore testing a refresh button on the new My apps screen also in testing”

Google just cut app update sizes by 65% – but there’s a catch

Many users turn off the app auto update that is enabled by default, the primary reason being that no one on a limited data plan wants their precious data being wasted or updates that don’t necessarily bring forth much in terms of features or looks. 

This goes a step further if you have large games installed and holds true with not just your initial update of a big game, but also the subsequent updates that games and apps get that also are big. At the same time, not updating apps means efforts made to improve your experience have been lost until you remember to go look and see if there’s an update for you the next time you’re on Wi-Fi.

Continue reading “Google just cut app update sizes by 65% – but there’s a catch”

Google Playstore is apparently rolling out an all new card UI

While this is not the search results redesign I have witnessed, and is nothing similar to the one previously reported, plenty of online reports claim the Google Play Store is rolling out a server-side update with a redesigned search results UI based on big cards.

It’s not exactly clear how this new layout will work quite yet but it is more widespread than one might think. Some users over on Google+ are also seeing the new interface. So far we just have this video below, created by user Rony Mishchuk, who claims to have the update. Continue reading “Google Playstore is apparently rolling out an all new card UI”

Cyber week sale on Google Play

Cyber Monday is here and there are a ton of great deals out there, and the Google Play Store is currently home to a range of deals to coincide with Cyber Week. I’ve gathered here a list of the best deals that are available right now. Everything from games, movies and TV shows, books, apps, and more have seen steep discounts.

These deals end on November 29th so hurry. Continue reading “Cyber week sale on Google Play”

Pixel Tips video suggests Google Playstore may be receiving some UI changes in the coming future

Okay so before you read further, don’t take this as just another regular rumour but as a speculating whisper by somebody on the Internet, with two pinches of salt. It would seem that Google may have some UI changes on the way for the Play Store, as some different looking screens and visual tweaks can be seen on Google’s latest Pixel video ad, which aims to give viewers a few tips and tricks on getting started with the brand new Pixel phone.

Right as the video starts it is obvious that this is meant for first-time android users (let’s say it, for those who might be switching from an iPhone, Google’s main target audience), but things get a bit interesting at the 1:40 mark when the demonstrator opens the Playstore app. I’ve added the video with the time link below so take a look.  Continue reading “Pixel Tips video suggests Google Playstore may be receiving some UI changes in the coming future”

Google working on some UI changes to the Google Playstore App

The Google Play Store has been the beating heart of Android, providing users with all kinds of apps and games, as well as music, movies, TV shows and books. Androd veterans will remember the Play Store as the Android Market, which was only good for apps and games. I’ve been on android since the Ginger bread days and the Playstore UI in those days reminded me of the Nokia store, only less attractive. Since then, it has come a long long way with Android itself.

And Google is currently in the process of overhauling the Play Store’s user interface. This came after reports indicate how the tech company is testing several different UI changes at the same time.  Most Google apps see server side updates, Playstore is no exclusion to this. However, as Android Police points out, it is quite rare for Google to be testing multiple changes at once.  Continue reading “Google working on some UI changes to the Google Playstore App”

Google for India : Saving on videos with Chrome, YouTube Go, Google station, 2G-ready Play Store &Google Assistant in Hindi

At the second ‘Google For India’ event in New Delhi, held on the day of its 18 anniversary, the Alphabet owned company talked about its vision for India and how it plans to connect the next billion users.  Google announced a slew of new products aimed at Indian users who now form the second largest market for the search giant.

The company announced its Public Wi-Fi platform called Google Station, named to highlight its origins at Indian railway stations. It also announced that Google Assistant will be available in Hindi by the end of the year. Continue reading “Google for India : Saving on videos with Chrome, YouTube Go, Google station, 2G-ready Play Store &Google Assistant in Hindi”

How to setup Google Play Family Library

The Google Play Family Library that was announced last night by Google is already going live some users. Because there is a lot to learn here, we thought a quick “how to” post was needed in case you have any questions on how this all works.

This is how to setup the Google Play Family Library. 

Continue reading “How to setup Google Play Family Library”

Google Play to add new app categories to make finding them easier

There are millions and millions and millions (and millions) of apps out there, and so sometimes it can be tough to find a new app for a particular task. Google is working to address that by adding some new app categories to the Play Store and tweaking some existing categories.

Google announced today that it’s adding eight new app categories to the Play Store. They are Art & Design, Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Dating, Events, Food & Drink, House & Home, and Parenting. Google will also be renaming the Transportation category to Maps & Navigation, while the Media & Video category will become Video Players & Editors.

These app category changes are expected to be available on Google Play within 60 days.

These new and tweaked app categories should help when you’re hunting for a new app but you’re not searching for one app in particular. For example, an app like Tinder is currently listed in the Lifestyle category, but it could move to the more specific Dating category. The new categories should help to increase discoverability in the Play Store, which is good news for all Android app developers.


Developers, if you want to add these new categories to your apps, you should find them in the console at this time, just know that they won’t show up for users for a couple of months.

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