Allo the web app, coming soon (or not so soon) to your nearest desktops

When Google announced Allo at Google I/O last year, probably they never thought of creating an iMessage for Android. If that’s true, I don’t know what they were thinking launching another messaging app. Regardless, with how the hype built around Allo, with fans and critics expecting Google to get it right this time around, there were high expectations. What we got however were not fully developed apps but ideas.  Idea version 1.0 which the company promised will develop into mature communication apps.  Continue reading


Google Playstore testing a refresh button on the new My apps screen also in testing

The Google Playstore has come a long way from its gingerbread days and mostly for the better. In fact, many will even agree finding apps on the Playstore is now easier than doing so on Apple’s Appstore, although, that’s not to say it does not have anymore room to improve. Google is now testing a redesigned ‘My apps & games’ section which makes it easier to categorize your apps.  Continue reading


You can now help Google deliver a better Pixel this year

The first ever made by Google smartphones finally came out last year as the Pixel and Pixel XL. Google’s phone was well received by the media and enthusiasts and almost everybody who got the device in their hands sang praises, ready to overlook the few flaws because the phone offered excellent screens, good performance, great build quality and a clean Android 7.0 Nougat experience. But no smartphone is perfect, and Google clearly understands its Pixel wasn’t either. So, Krishna Kumar, Product Lead for the Pixel family, took to the Pixel community forums to seek feedback on the current generation of Pixel devices that could help in designing the next Pixel.  Continue reading


Google’s new OS Fuchsia is Andromeda?

If you were to dial your time machines back to August 2016 (.. or you know, just use Google’s advanced search tools), you’d find a ton of articles about Google’s new OS named Fuchsia. It was speculated to be the merger of Android and Chrome OS we have all been hearing about for … very long now I think. Then there were rumors about a new OS called Andromeda around September which got covered even more extensively. Now a new article is circulating around on the web speculating Fuchsia and Andromeda are one and the same. Continue reading


Google is asking for your suggestions to fix Allo

You probably still remember Allo right? That new smart messaging app from Google? Yes, it was supposed to supersede Hangouts and become Android’s answer to iMessage. Such hopes. Turned out, it couldn’t even compete with lesser known apps like Viber or WeChat let alone Whatsapp. Allo was as simple a messenger as it could have been, and not in a good Whatsapp like way. It was bare bones except for the integrated Google Assistant which was fun, initially. Continue reading


Google may enable Google Assistant on non Pixel devices

The Google Assistant arrived last year with the first Google branded smartphones as an exclusive feature, however, it didn’t remain so, at least officially. In fact, developers managed to find a way to enable the Assistant on the Nexus 6P even before the first Pixel was shipped. Seeing how easy it was to just enable the Google Assistant on any other smartphone it was speculated that its official exclusivity to Pixel was only for a while. That speculation could turn out to be true sooner than expected. The LG G6 is said to be arriving with the Google Assistant and now an update to the Google App suggests that the AI powered assistant could make its way onto even more devices. Continue reading


Google’s Material Design lead Nicholas Jitkoff is leaving the company

Nicholas Jitkoff has been with Google for over a decade, since 2006 as a designer and lead the team responsible for the company’s Material Design for Android apps. To say the design language was successful would be an understatement. However, Jitkoff is now departing from the company for another gig. Dropbox, the cloud storage company has announced that Jitkoff would be its new VP of design.  Continue reading