Google splits Hangouts into Meet and Chat to fight off Slack [Hangouts Meet APK Download]

If you’re wondering what is Google’s actual messaging strategy, so is every one else. Hangouts started as different apps that over time got merged together to form a complete messaging solution, then instead of trying to push it, Google brought two new  half-baked apps that did only one thing. It was announced that Hangouts will take the corporate route and now Hangouts is being split again into two different apps. But it’s not as bad as it sounds. The new apps are called Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet and are geared towards enterprise users directly facing off against the likes of Slack and Skype. Continue reading “Google splits Hangouts into Meet and Chat to fight off Slack [Hangouts Meet APK Download]”

Hangouts gets a simplified group chat creation as Google gears it up for enterprise

Google Hangouts has been an excellent communication service for its many users. While Hangouts did not see as huge a user base as Microsoft’s Skype or other competing platforms, it still managed to carve out its niche. Unfortunately though, Google has decided to reboot its efforts at messaging apps again with Allo, Duo and Messenger, all of which are mobile only unlike Hangouts, while Hangouts takes a backseat, much like Google’s previous efforts. Mountain Veiw has no plans to kill the service though, instead the company is wanting to shift its focus to the enterprise customerContinue reading “Hangouts gets a simplified group chat creation as Google gears it up for enterprise”

Google is quietly shutting down Hangouts API from April 25th

While Google maintained that it will not be shutting down Hangouts after Allo and Duo arrived onto the scene, the company did recast hangouts as a cross-platform chat app for enterprise customers. The search giant is now taking steps to ensure that fate and it has decided to end support for its third-party developer tools preventing new apps from being built and shutting off existing apps on April 25th. There was no blog post about this, just an updated FAQ and email notification to developers active on the API. Continue reading “Google is quietly shutting down Hangouts API from April 25th”

Google launches Duo and Hangouts just shrugs it off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Hangouts app has had a lot of big updates over the years. Most recently, it received the ability to record and share videos. But Hangouts had had another update bringing the app version to 12.0, that everyone has been claiming to be its biggest update ever. No, its not a revolutionary new feature, but who am I to disagree with the experts?


Continue reading “Google launches Duo and Hangouts just shrugs it off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

Google Hangouts Looks To Gain Enterprise Focus. Seperate from Allo and Duo

Google released Duo, its new video chatting application for Android and iOS devices. The app is meant to compete with Apple’s FaceTime and Facebook’s Messenger. It will soon be joined by Allo, a dedicated texting app with a splash of artificial intelligence. Google already has a handful of messaging apps, and you might be wondering what will become of its mainstay, Google Hangouts.

It turns out that the app is primed to live on as an enterprise communications tool.

Continue reading “Google Hangouts Looks To Gain Enterprise Focus. Seperate from Allo and Duo”

Top 10 android news stories of the week

The amount of Android news each week can be overwhelming, and so we have picked the most liked android news from all over the internet and made a top 10 list for you to stay on top of everything that’s been happening all week in the world of android.

Here are the favorite news stories for the week:

#10 – Google Docs and Sheets add-ons

Google has been attempting help users be more productive with the help of its Docs and Sheets services. The company has announced a partnership with 8 different companies to integrate add-ons into the Google-sphere of services.

#9 – Prisma will soon turn your videos into art

What’s better than an app that turns selfies into instant art? An app that does the same thing for video and virtual reality.

That’s what Prisma, the app that has already captured the imagination of the photo-sharing community, is working to bring to the public next.

#8 – Google Camera gesture

Being able to switch between your front and rear cameras can be a hassle from time to time, but with the latest version of Google Camera, there is a new hidden gesture. Simply twist your phone a couple of times and the application will quickly switch between the front and rear cameras.

#7 – Google emergency services

Google is working with wireless carriers in the UK and Estonia to make it easier for emergency services to reach your exact location. As long as the feature is supported by your wireless carrier, Google will now send you location to emergency services whenever you dial an emergency number. The company is also planning to expand this feature internationally in the near future.

#6 – Android Tips & Tricks

Finding the best tips & tricks to manage your Android devices can be a bit tricky. Opening web page after web page can be a hassle, and may cause you to miss something really awesome. The team at Google has updated its Android webpage to include a “Tips & Tricks” section to showcase some of the best features of Android.

#5 – Google Dialer spam calls

With the latest update to Google’s Dialer application, owners of either Nexus or Android One devices will now be warned if an incoming call is suspected of being a spammer. Other manufacturers already have this feature built-in but it’s good to see Google integrating this into their application for Nexus owners.

#4 – Google Play Family Library

Announced at Google I/O 2016, the Family Library feature for Google Play has officially launched. the service allows members of a family to share purchases between Google accounts without the need to add multiple accounts to each device.


#3 – Hangouts 11 Group Chat

One of the hidden new features within the latest Hangouts 11 update is the ability to easily share group chats with new members. You can now create a short link to your group chat of choice, and share that with whomever you want to add to the group. These group chats can also be searched within your contacts list.

#2 – Google algorithm app updates

In an effort to lower the amount of data used when downloading updates, Google has updated its delta algorithm to allow users to only download the new changes, versus re-downloading the entire application again.

#1 – Google Maps UI update

Google has released a new update to its Google Maps services which include an all new UI. The update not only cleans up the look of the application, but also marks areas of interest with special icons.


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