400 Material Design Wallpapers

Who doesn’t enjoy material design wallpapers? Google launched the material design philosophy with android 5.1 lollipop and it has been a huge hit among designers. Websites to android apps all have been adopting the material design and the internet is full of wallpapers based on the same design language. Below you’ll find several wallpapers that are from all over the internet and it’s a collection of only the wallpapers I have at some point liked but may or may not have used. I’ve been collecting these ever since android lollipop was just a developer version. If you’re a fan of Microsoft’s Windows you can take a look here.

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Make Linux More Elegant With these Icon packs

There is no end to how much you can customize your Linux desktop which makes it the most attractive platform for people who want total control over every aspect of their computing experience.

Installing icon packs is one of the more interesting ways to do this, and while they do not change the whole interface of your desktop, new icon sets will definitely freshen things up for you.

In this list I have only included the icons that have been my favorite one time or other over the years.

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The best icon packs for Android: 10 packs for ultimate customization

There are many ways to personalize your Android smartphone or tablet, from changing the wallpaper, to adding new ringtones or fonts, to installing a custom launcher. You can also do this by installing an icon pack, and you’ll find many great ones here, in our ultimate list of the best icon packs for Android.

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