Press photos for Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact leak ahead of launch

UPDATE : Sony announced the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact at IFA, apart from the design, nothing stands out as expected.

Original : Today, September 1, Sony will host an IFA 2016 press event where it’s going to announce various new devices. This event and September 1 come tomorrow for the majority of our readers.

Regardless, given that Sony creates a multitude of products ranging from TVs, to speakers, to headphones, to cameras, to smartphones, it’s hard to say what will be announced but two of the new products that the company will unveil on the day are smartphones. Xperia Blog has gotten its hands on press photos for the Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact which were confirmed in previous reports.

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Lenovo Yoga Book : Re-imagining the tablet

Lenovo hasn’t gotten as much credit as it should be getting lately for innovating. The company’s new Moto Z and Moto Z Force are two of the sleekest new smartphones of the year so far, but they also feature what is almost certainly the most innovative new hardware feature we’ve seen on a smartphone this year. Dubbed Moto Mods, the phones support modular attachments that snap on and off to expand the phones’ capabilities in any number of different directions. Lenovo’s latest innovation comes in the form of its new Yoga Book which is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before.

We’ve seen laptop-tablet hybrids a million times before, but Lenovo’s new Yoga Book is a first for the mass market. Instead of marrying a touchscreen tablet with a keyboard that can be removed or flipped around when one wants to work in tablet mode, the Yoga Book joins a touchscreen tablet with… a touchscreen tablet.

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Acer’s insane 21 inch gaming laptop is nothing short of stupid

Talk about bending the rules, Acer’s Predator 21 X promises more immersive gaming with its industry-first curved display.

It’s either go BIG or go home Acer figured out somehow and with this philosophy in mind, at IFA 2016, Acer announced its absolutely ginormous Predator 21 X gaming laptop. Not only is its 21-inch display ridiculous to even put into a “laptop” (your lap’s gonna get crushed with this thing on it) the screen is also curved — the world’s first on a laptop, according to Acer.

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Possibly Xperia XR, another unknown device and PS4 Neo get certified at FCC

We have seen a number of rumours about Sony’s upcoming device modelled number F8331. And with the Japanese company’s invitation, we now expect that it can launch its much rumoured device, Xperia XR at the IFA 2016 event.

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IFA 2016 : What to expect

Every September, tech firms from across the globe descend on Berlin, Germany, for the IFA consumer electronics show. This year is no different, so here’s what to look forward to at IFA 2016.


IFA, or rather the IFA Berlin, stands for Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin. That’s German for ‘Berlin Radio Show’, although IFA is certainly not just for radios any more; the name is simply a carry-over from the show’s 1924 beginnings.

Today, IFA is one of the biggest electronics shows in the world, giving big brands a chance to showcase the finest in consumer electronics and home appliances.

This year, IFA is set to run from September 2 to September 7, although it’s guaranteed that some companies will hold press conferences and launch products in the few days leading up to the show, too.

ifa-1.jpg           Berlin’s IFA conference actually has its own mascot: Miss IFA

Here’s what you should expect from some of the biggest consumer tech brands at IFA 2016.


Acer is hosting an event at IFA 2016 on August 31, so it definitely has something to show off. Unfortunately, we’ve got no idea what it is. With Acer’s recent Liquid Zest Plus launch, we’re not convinced the company will be keen to reveal new smartphones so soon.

There’s a chance that we may see some virtual reality technology, on account of its recent StarVR partnership. Alternatively, we could see some computing products – tablets, laptops, 2-in-1s or, most likely, a new Chromebook.


New Alcatel products are a shoo-in for IFA 2016. It’s highly likely we’ll see a raft of new OneTouch devices. The Chinese technology firm also showed off a tablet at last year’s show, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a follow-up this September.


It’s basically a given that Apple won’t be attending IFA 2016. The company tends to shy away from trade shows, preferring to host its own events. And given the timing of IFA, it’s easy to see why Apple will be a no-show: Apple is expected to host its annual September iPhone launch within a week or two of IFA 2016, (hopefully) debuting the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2.


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Asus has already pencilled in its press conference for August 31, a few days before the show really begins. Asus unveiled a bevy of smartphones last year, plus a water-cooled laptop. However, given the recent launch of the ZenFone 3, a new standalone smartphone isn’t guaranteed – expect a spin-off instead.

We could also catch a glimpse of the Asus ZenWatch 3, if it exists. The original ZenWatch was revealed at IFA 2014, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see an updated version at IFA 2016.


In recent years, IFA has become a hotbed for wearable tech, so it’s almost guaranteed that Fitbit will make a product-toting appearance.

It’s rumoured that Fitbit has two new products to show off this September. According to specialist site Wareable, these devices are codenamed Laryon and Fermion. There’s a chance that these trackers are actually the Fitbit Flex 2 and Fitbit Charge 2, although nothing’s confirmed yet.


HTC’s new HTC 10 smartphone is only a few months old, so it would be madness (unless you’re Sony) to launch a new flagship so soon. A mid-range handset is always a possibility, and according to current rumours HTC  may come up with not one but two new desire devices named HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle and Pro.

There’s also a chance we could see the long-rumoured HTC smartwatch, but given the saturation of the wearables market, it seems likely that HTC will continue to play on its strength: virtual reality. However, we’re not convinced the HTC Vive will make any significant appearances at IFA 2016.

Expect a quiet showing from HTC, if at all.


At IFA 2015, Huawei announced its Mate S handset, and offered up some new details about the Huawei Watch. Unfortunately, with the recent launch of the Huawei P9, we’re not entirely sure what to expect from the Chinese tech giant this year.

Due to Huawei’s prolific nature, we wouldn’t rule out a new smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. The most likely launch candidates include the Huawei Mate 9 and the Huawei Mate S2.


Lenovo has just launched a bunch of new smartphones under the Moto Z and Moto G brands. However, we may see Lenovo introduce new Moto Mods, the launch of the Moto 360 3 (2016), given IFA’s tendency to host wearable launches.

We could see new tablets, laptops or even bendable smartphones from the firm at its scheduled August 31 press event. Lenovo recently teased its IFA presence in a video we think you must check out here.


LG AT IFA 2016

Last year, LG decided to show off a ritzy smartwatch spin-off – the LG Watch Urbane Luxe. This year? Probably more of the same on the wearable front.

If LG does anything of note, we’d expect to see new LG G5 ‘Friends’ modules, or perhaps a successor to the LG V10. LG has already confirmed that the  LG V20 will be arriving in September, and should boast specs similar to the LG G5 – an IFA launch is not confirmed, however.

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LG also has a wide range of home appliance and home monitoring products, so new entrants on that front are also likely.


Nvidia supposedly has a new Shield tablet lined up for 2016, but there’s no guarantee that it will launch at IFA. That said, if Nvidia is aiming for a pre-Christmas launch, IFA would be the perfect opportunity for an unveiling.

Nvidia is also heavily invested in driverless car technology, so there’s a good chance we’ll see some new innovations in terms of vehicle components and software.


Samsung has opted to forgo IFA this year for its main second-half-of-2016 launch: the Galaxy Note 7. That was already showcased at a dedicated Galaxy Unpacked event on August 2, alongside a brand new USB-C Gear VR.

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However, Samsung is a firm built on abundance, so we’re guaranteed to see at least something at IFA 2016 from the South Korean tech giant. Possible contenders include the Gear S3 (most likely), as well as a possible appearance from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Note 7


Sony is a tricky customer, because its launch schedules are so baffling. Last year, we saw the Xperia Z5 range launch at IFA then it announced the new Xperia X lineup in February this year instead of the Z6.


So while it’s unlikely we’ll see a new flagship phone, the jury is still out. Two handsets have been rumoured so far, tipped under the model numbers F8331 and F8332. We’ve already seen some leaks regarding an ‘Xperia XR’ handset, including renders of what could be a new, top-end smartphone.

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Xiaomi is already teasing its Xiaomi Mi Note 2 smartphone, so we’re fairly confident that it’ll make an appearance at IFA 2016. But there’s no telling what else the fast-growing Chinese smartphone giant has up its sleeve for Berlin this year.

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Last September, ZTE used IFA to show off a number of new products, including the Axon Elite, the Spro projector, the Blade V6 smartphone, and a new Nubia.

The rumour mill has been quiet on the ZTE front this year, however, so we don’t really know what the Chinese firm has in store. A new smartphone is highly likely, however.

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Lenovo at IFA 2016 : Bendable smartphone and a new Moto 360

IFA 2016 is coming up next month and Lenovo has posted a teaser video on YouTube in which it hints at all that it will unveil at the event in Berlin. As per the video Lenovo, and Motorola, will be showcasing a bunch of new products including new Moto Mods, tablets and “devices that blur the lines of creativity and productivity.”

Lenovo certainly has quite interesting things to show off this year at IFA.

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