Innovative Android apps

Our phones have become a lot more than a device used only to make calls, it works as efficiently as a laptop or even a music player. Smartphones don’t obviously come along with all kinds of applications but there are so many applications you can download and make your phone twice as good as it was.

New kinds of applications are introduced every other day, some are very innovative while others fail to interest the customers. The kind of apps which click are the ones which help people in their day to day activities, the kinds which help people improve their lifestyles, making it easier if found on their phones. So to help you decide which ones to get, let’s have a look to find out what are the most innovative apps for android. The apps are in a chronological order as the post is updated every week with the latest additions on top.

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Three innovative Android Launchers that will change how you interact with your device. In a good way.

Third party launchers are one of the most fundamental aspects of Android’s ever growing customization landscape. Year after year, developers have tried to fabricate a unique and smarter experience for users by embedding a ton of personalization tools. However, in some cases, these applications can feel a bit challenging due to an overload of features or if you aren’t particularly used to messing around. Coming across a genuinely new launcher interface and paradigm on Android is rare. Most third-party clients try to emulate the default Android launcher and add some customizations and improvements here and there.

Not to undermine the power of something like Nova Launcher, but there’s only so many times you can swipe left and right between homescreens or tap to open and close an app drawer before you wonder what that new launcher you installed does differently. If you’re like me you probably have googled several times looking for some new launchers that may be your next launcher, convince you to move over Nova or Google Now or Action Launcher but we all know how that google search brings up a ton of websites repeating the same story and the same launchers we already use and love.  But here we have not one but three innovative launchers if you feel a little bored with the default android way of things.

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