iPhone 7 to ditch the headphone jack, includes pressure sensitive home button

With the launch of the iPhone 7 just around the corner, leaks and speculations have been pouring in. The latest rumour afoot is that Apple is planning to put a pressure-sensitive home button into their new smartphone.

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iPhone 7 leaks on 4K video : Three iPhone 7 variants

This year’s iPhone 7 may be boring but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t excited, and that certainly doesn’t mean stuff wouldn’t get leaked.

This may not be the first time we are reporting a video that shows dummy units of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. But this new video gives us a real close look at what the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are likely to look like and that too in 4K quality. The interesting thing though is despite all the contradictions, the video shows three variants of the iPhone 7, including the iPhone 7 Pro.

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Prolific phone leaker reveals when Apple might announce the iPhone 7

Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, is notorious for posting leaks and details on new Android phones and iPhones in advance of their official reveals.

In a tweet sent out on Friday, Blass claims Apple will announce this year’s iPhones the week of Sept. 12. The iPhone 6S was announced on Sept. 9, which makes it possible Apple may stick to a mid-September announcement and ship by the end of the month.

Read the tweet carefully and one detail will stick out. Blass doesn’t refer to the new iPhones as “iPhone 7” but as “iPhone 2016” suggesting Apple may not tack a numeral on this year’s new class.

Blass also didn’t call this year’s iPhones the iPhone 7 when he tweeted out what are reportedly the two models’ internal codenames a few days earlier:

Since the iPhone 3G, Apple has stuck to a “tick-tock” release cycle. Every redesigned “number model” (3G, 4, 5, 6) has been followed by an “S” model the following year.

But it sounds like Apple will break with tradition this year and release new iPhones that will closely resemble the iPhone 6S. This year’s iPhones are expected to have cleaned up antenna lines, better internals and a larger camera hump to accommodate an improved camera.

Apple is reportedly saving a top-to-bottom redesign for next year’s iPhones, which will coincide with the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

It’s widely expected that Apple will announce two iPhones this year: a 4.7-inch with a single rear camera and a 5.5-inch model with dual rear cameras. Recently leaked images showed off a third “Pro” 5.5-inch model with dual rear cameras and a 3-dot connector of some kind on the back of the phone, but it’s unclear if Apple will ever release it.

The new iPhones will likely come with a faster Apple-designed processor and more RAM, run iOS 10, include more storage starting at 32GB and going up to 256GB, and maybe sport a touch-sensitive home button.

The biggest change, however, will probably be the removal of the headphone jack. It’s going to be annoying AF.

Boring or not, new iPhones are coming very soon and people are going to freak out over them like they always do.

Alleged iPhone 7 Pro appears next to iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 in leaked image

Based on previous reports, it seemed unlikely Apple will introduce an iPhone 7 Pro to its lineup of smartphones this fall. However, a new leak out of China suggests the Cupertino company does indeed have plans to launch a more advanced model alongside its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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