Swiftkey Beta lets you type in 5 different languages at once

Swiftkey, I believe is one of those apps you don’t need a briefing about. Its so popular OEMs like Sony are shipping their phones with Swiftkey as the default keyboard app. Swiftkey had been making headlines lately having been in an awkward situation a few months ago. Swiftkey later fixed the problems and a few weeks ago announced that the keyboard app will now be powered by a neural network to improve suggestions.

With the latest update, Swiftkey is taking it further, by adding more languages, and now you can even type in five different languages at once! Continue reading “Swiftkey Beta lets you type in 5 different languages at once”

This radio hack can read your keystrokes from hundreds of feet away

YOU SHOULD BE able to trust your wireless keyboard. And yet security researchers have been warning people to be suspicious of wireless computer accessories using sketchy radio protocols for years. Those warnings peaked five months ago, when hackers at the security firm Bastille found that millions of cheap keyboard and mouse dongles let hackers inject keystrokes onto your machine from hundreds of yards away. Now, in case you missed that message, the same researchers have extended their attack to millions more devices—and this time, they can not only inject keystrokes, but also read yours, too.

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15 Interesting Facts About Google


I was only 3 years old and so was the public Internet. Nobody knew what internet was or how to use it or if it was of any use to them at all. One day in 1995 when a 22 year old Larry Page met a 21 year old Sergey Brin for the first time, they did not know history was created in that moment. In 1995, there were about 13 terrible search engines to choose from. Yes yahoo, you too.

Fast forward to 2016

Can you imagine Internet without Google? If you’re being honest to yourself, the answer is quite probably “NO”. Google is a part of our lives. We use so many Google services daily. Google Maps, GMail, Youtube, and the first thing most of us see when we open up our browsers, Google Search, to name just a very few of the services Google offers and of course, there’s Android, the most popular Operating System on earth that about 86% smartphone users pick up to use all these Google services everyday. But how much do you know about this company which you are giving so much information about yourself than you probably even realize?

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