iPhone 7 leaks on 4K video : Three iPhone 7 variants

This year’s iPhone 7 may be boring but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t excited, and that certainly doesn’t mean stuff wouldn’t get leaked.

This may not be the first time we are reporting a video that shows dummy units of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. But this new video gives us a real close look at what the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are likely to look like and that too in 4K quality. The interesting thing though is despite all the contradictions, the video shows three variants of the iPhone 7, including the iPhone 7 Pro.

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Grab the Nexus 2016 Wallpapers here

Google hasn’t even come close to showing off the new Nexus phone(s) for 2016, but that hasn’t stopped a slow trollout of leaks involving them. We’ve heard the specs, seen mock-up renders, and now have supposed wallpapers from the device that you can download.

You want them because duh. These are a handful of the new static wallpapers that Google will unveil with the new Nexus phones later this year. We don’t know if this is all the wallpapers, but it’s a good portion of them. We also know for a fact that Google is working on a tremendous number of new live wallpapers with varying animations and functions (yep, functional LWPs, from Google), and we’ll share more about those when we have it.

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‘Nexus Launcher’ leaks with redesigned app drawer and no search bar

Google may be releasing Android Nougat before launching its new Nexus devices, but that doesn’t mean it’s giving away all its goodies. A number of rumors have suggested that Google is working on a new launcher for this year’s upcoming Nexus devices and a new leak gives a look at what we could expect.  A report by Android Police suggests Google is completely redesigning the Launcher app in time for its new devices.

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If you use SwiftKey, your email address, phone number may have been shared with strangers

British keyboard app that uses artificial intelligence to predict the next word you want to write has suspended part of its service after users reported receiving predictions meant for other people, including email addresses and phone numbers.

SwiftKey, which was created by three Cambridge graduates and bought by Microsoft for £174 million earlier this year, has temporarily disabled the ability to sync the app on new devices.


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New Nexus Marlin renders reveal an unexpected design

Google’s new Nexus lineup is still a pretty big mystery (despite some significant leaks in the past month or so). It turns out even the device’s design may be up for debate, with a new render contradicting earlier reports.

The latest render comes from TechDroider, which previously leaked an alleged close-up photo of the new Nexus “Marlin” phone. This isn’t an official image, though. It was created by the site based on leaked information, but it’s “pretty accurate” according to an anonymous insider.

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The Sony F8331 Leaks Again In Two New Images

Back during Mobile World Congress Sony showcased three new devices including the Xperia XA, the Xperia X, and the Xperia X Performance. At the time it was unclear if Sony would be releasing any other new devices for the year, then it later announced the Xperia XA Ultra as a step above the Xperia XA. Over the past several weeks a series of rumors has been circulating around a new Sony device known currently only by its apparent model number, dubbed the F8331. Initially, all that was known about this device were some specifications that had leaked out as part of a benchmark test, but a week after the benchmark listing showed up, a series of leaked images surfaced on the web of a live Sony device that has yet to be announced, and these were the first live images said to be of the F8331.

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Apple iPad Pro 2 photos leaked

Sketchy photos allegedly show real-life photos of the Apple iPad Pro 2 prototype. The tablet is expected to go into production in September

While all eyes are on the upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple also seems to be gearing up to launch the next-generation iPad Pro. Alleged photos of the Apple iPad Pro 2 with a 12.9-inch screen have surfaced in China, which is expected to go into production in September.

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Build.prop from Nexus Sailfish ROM dump reveals details regarding phone’s processor and display

In the world of Android, there are few devices that people look forward to seeing an official release more than new Nexus devices. Sure, they might not be as flashy as something like the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, but the Nexus devices have a hardcore following behind them, and they represent a step forward for Android overall. Each year, Google releases a new Nexus device – or two – and this year it appears as though these devices could becoming from HTC, or perhaps Huawei, depending on which rumor you want to believe. Now though, a build.prop file for one of the rumored HTC Nexus smartphones, codenamed “Sailfish”, has leaked out courtesy of @evleaks himself.

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Galaxy Note 7 appears on video for first time!

Following a leaked press image of the Galaxy Note 7 this morning, a video from MobileFunTV on YouTube shows an alleged working unit being tested in a lab. The video is quick, but it does appear to show a new smartphone from Samsung – likely the device we’re expecting during Samsung’s August 2 press event in New York City.

We don’t get to see much of the alleged Galaxy Note 7 in the video, just a few quick looks at how it performs when apps are opened and closed. SamMobile said that the video was filmed while members of Olixar were testing curved glass screen protectors which, again, suggests at least one model will have a curved display like the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Looking good so far, now someone send me a video of the new S Pen in action. That’ll really whet my appetite. Check out the clip below.



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