Even more Galaxy S8 images leak

It’s a new day, and that means more new leaks about Samsung’s upcoming flagship. It almost seems like someone doesn’t want the excitement to die, if you know what I mean. Leaks can after all be a free product marketing among enthusiasts. Evan Blass posted the above image on his twitter handle. The image shows the Samsung Galaxy S8 from various angles but what’s interesting is that the Orchid Gray variant has a black front too.  Continue reading “Even more Galaxy S8 images leak”

Download : Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked Stock wallpapers

Leaks, leaks, leaks. And also rumours. Samsung’s upcoming flagship has been the topic for a lot of those, and yet everyday something or the other keeps on popping out every day. From a rumour claiming the Galaxy S8 will have a super fast facial recognition to some claiming it will feature a 1000fps slow motion video capture, now that a Sony Xperia has 960fps slow-mo video recording, there’s been a lot of wild ones. But admist that, we also got some very welome leaks such as the Galaxy S8 icons leaking online.  Continue reading “Download : Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked Stock wallpapers”

Samsung Galaxy S8 screenshots leaked, download app icons

Samsung Galaxy S8 is weeks away from its official announcement and the rumours ad leaks don’t seem to stop. There were recent rumours suggesting the Galaxy S8 might feature speedy facial recognition. Now we have more leaks featuring the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge as you can see above. Along with those we now also have some screenshots of the UI displaying the homescreen. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 screenshots leaked, download app icons”

Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked in a new video

A new video has surfaced online showcasing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 giving us a full 360 degree view of Samsung’s next. There’s not a lot that is unknown about the Galaxy S8, not even its looks. However the video below shows the device in black, and it looks absolutely as stunning as the Galaxy Note 7 did.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked in a new video”

Samsung Galaxy S8 spec leak : A smaller flagship done right

Yesterday, Evan Blass took to twitter leaking some specs for the Samsung Galaxy S8+, the 6.2 inch behemoth with physical dimensions identical to last year’s Samsung flagships. If you liked the Galaxy S8+ specs, you will definitely love the specs for the smaller, Galaxy S8. This is a smaller flagship done right. The specs are almost identical and yes, the Galaxy S8 has dual cameras as well.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 spec leak : A smaller flagship done right”

Samsung Galaxy S8+ specs leaked from the packaging, 6.2 inch QuadHD+ display

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are both more than a month away from an official launch but when has that ever stopped a smartphone’s specs to leak out. Not that this is the first time for these devices either but this time around the leak comes from the packaging for the devices so consider this almost official.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8+ specs leaked from the packaging, 6.2 inch QuadHD+ display”

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ color variants leaked along with pricing

Samsung has made it pretty clear that we wouldn’t be seeing the Galaxy S8 at MWC but it will reveal the official unveiling date at its MWC event. Some reports claim the smartphone could be teased at the event with a one minute video but nothing can be said for sure right now. So for now, we’re stuck with leaks and rumours and today we have one, and its new, at least. It’s not yet another leak about how great the display will be but about the colour options from an alleged Ukrainain retailer’s database. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ color variants leaked along with pricing”

Leaked logo reveals the larger Galaxy S this year will be called the Galaxy S8+

Every year, there are at least three android smartphones that could be called close contenders to the most anticipated android smartphone of the year. One of them being Samsung’s Galaxy S and this year is no different. The Galaxy S8 is widely expected to break traditions, one of which could be the names since both the smaller and larger versions this year are rumored to have curved displays. A leak today by a reliable source seems to only confirm this theory, that the larger model of the Galaxy S8 will be officially called the S8+ and not the Galaxy S8 Edge. Continue reading “Leaked logo reveals the larger Galaxy S this year will be called the Galaxy S8+”

Sony’s new Xperia XA with weirdly thick top and bottom bezels leaked on video

A new video has surfaced online allegedly showcasing an Xperia XA 2017 unit. The video shows a prototype of the device in various angles, and a few menu screens that show its model number, Android version, and its January 5 security patch. Continue reading “Sony’s new Xperia XA with weirdly thick top and bottom bezels leaked on video”

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