LG V20 available in Canada now, U.S. getting the unlocked version in November

The LG V20 is now available for purchase in in the Great White North, where carriers Videotron and Wind Mobile are currently offering the device while an unlocked version is soon coming to the southern neighbor. The LG V20 isn’t widely available in Canada, and wouldn’t be available on the big three carriers, you will still be able to find it in almost every province, on the two aforementioned regional carriers. Wind Mobile operates in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta, while Videotron has an extensive network in Quebec. Continue reading “LG V20 available in Canada now, U.S. getting the unlocked version in November”

Report claims LG might ditch modular accessories for next flagship

The LG G5 was a big device for LG because the company tried making it modular via the LG Friends, allowing G5 owners to swap different modules to add new features to the G5 like physical camera controls or a a Hi-Fi DAC for improved audio.

However, things are not looking good for LG’s Friends, if this new report is to be believed. Continue reading “Report claims LG might ditch modular accessories for next flagship”

Get an Unlocked LG V20 for $799.99 and a free G pad tablet

By now, its pretty much a fact that the Galaxy Note 7’s chances of being the best selling phablet of the year are up in flames. So if you were looking for a big phablet, the LG V20 should now be your obvious choice if it wasn’t already. LG V20 has gone live in South Korea a few weeks ago but it still not available elsewhere yet. This is the same problem LG had with the G5. By the time their devices are ready for sale the hype has already dies down. I wonder how much it would hurt them to announce the device when it’s almost for sale.

Well anyways, the pricing details for the LG V20 seem to have leaked regardless.  Continue reading “Get an Unlocked LG V20 for $799.99 and a free G pad tablet”

A new patent reveals LG working on transparent foldable displays

We’ve been hearing about foldable paper-like smartphone displays, and just displays in general as well, for quite a while now. But transparent displays? They’ve never been a hot topic of discussion even though every sci-fi movie does feature transparent displays rather than foldable displays. Whatever the future of smartphones and gadgets looks like, companies like Samsung and LG are doing all they can to beat the other at the next big thing.


Continue reading “A new patent reveals LG working on transparent foldable displays”

Specs shootout : Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs LG V20

Google announced the first truly made by Google smartphones finally at the highly speculated event in San Fransisco. The phone packs some serious hardware.

However, is this enough to shake up the high branches of the smartphone market and steal away some potential buyers from Samsung and LG, which have some pretty strong offerings in that niche, namely the Galaxy Note 7 and the LG V20?

[Poll] Pixel & Pixel XL : Are they worth the price?

Continue reading “Specs shootout : Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs LG V20”

LG V20 Stock Wallpapers

LG V20 is the latest device from LG which comes pre-loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat. You can download the wallpapers of LG V20 from the link provided below. The V20 is a premium device with high-end specifications. It has fingerprint sensors, USB Type-C port, NFC along with colour spectrum. It has the latest version of LG UX 5.0 on it which has many custom features for easy usability. Learn a lot more about it in our LG V20 first impressions.

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LG V20 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 : Specs showdown

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is just a month old and LG just unveiled its latest flagship the V20 while the Note 7 is still making headlines (for unfortunate reasons). And then the LG V20 has a huge 5.7 inch display. It seems like LG is screaming for a comparison with the Note 7 or its just us justifying our need to compare the two Korean rivals.

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LG V20 : Software

LG just announced the V20, a successor to last year’s V10 smartphone. In 2015, the V10 stood out for its unique, sturdy design, a great camera, and audiophile-grade music playback. LG has retained two of those strengths and introduced others for the sequel.

Check out the first impressions and the comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 if you haven’t already. Here is where we talk about the software.

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LG V20 is official : Everything you need to know

When LG unveiled its V10 last year, it was…  it was a little weird. With a beefy body, a double-selfie camera and a tiny second screen, the V10 was the result of LG being a little weird. But the phone did surprisingly well around here. Then the G5 happened. Everybody flocked towards the shiny new S7 / edge from Samsung and about a week ago, that’s what I’d have said would happened to the V20. But then the Note 7 started exploding all over.

Perhaps the Note 7 recall is why South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc, reeling from continued losses from its smartphone business, unveiled its new V20 premium smartphone on Wednesday, hoping for a pick-up on Samsung’s misfortunes and boost sales in the second half even though its exactly the day when the iPhone 7 is coming out.

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