Forget December Lumia 950XL production has already stopped. What went wrong?

Remember the reports of Microsoft ending Lumia production by the end of the year? The speculations just got a boost today from a report out of the U.K. Winbeta reports that a user in UK has been refused a warranty replacement for his Lumia 950 XL because Microsoft had no further stock of the device, with all remaining units already sent to distributors. Production of the handset has reportedly stopped a month ago already.

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Microsoft killing off Lumia ! Ending sales in December (rumour)

It is safe to say that the Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile platform isn’t quite as widespread as Microsoft would like it to be. The Redmond company has also been mum on their mobile plans for the near future, but could Microsoft be calling it quits as far as their Lumia lineup is concerned?  Microsoft has left rumors to fester on its commitment not only to its mobile software platform, but its mobile hardware line as well. As Lumia devices take a tumble in the price ladder and only Surface all-in-one PCs on the docket for launch next month, we figure this rumor would’ve come sooner.

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Which smartphone has the best network reception? Hint : not iPhone

Microsoft’s Lumia 640 may not be the most powerful or feature-packed smartphone, but a study has found it’s the best performer under a weak network signal. Nokia has always been famous for their technical proficiency when it comes to phone hardware, and it is nice to see that this holds true even in Microsoft Mobile’s latest handsets.

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Lumia 525 gets update for Android Marshmallow

Who said it’s impossible to install Android Marshmallow on a smartphone running on Windows 8.1? A hacker has demonstrated that the Lumia 525, a phone that Microsoft has released in January 2014, can boot Marshmallow, but Triszka Balázs has specified only that he has a “reset vector exploit only for S4 SOC series”, without mentioning what exploit he used.

At a time when only 15% Android phones are running the one year old Android 6.0 Marshmallow, there’s a Windows phone which has been updated to the latest version of Android (Yes, its latest, at least till monday).

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