Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Wallpapers

After months of rumours, the new MacBook Pros are here, packing new hardware, a new design, and an undeniably cool OLED panel on the keyboard.

Apple finally announced an update to the Macbook Pro on October 27th.  Vlad Savov from The Verge has something quite interesting to say about the new Macbook :

Professional video editors and photographers have been waiting for a new Pro laptop — but this midrange MacBook Pro probably isn’t that. Instead, the world’s coffee shops are filled with nomadic professionals seeking an Apple computer to replace the much more ubiquitous, but now dated, MacBook Air. So while Apple has been busy crafting the Pro MacBook, the way it will be received by most people is the way that I’m addressing it today: as a Pro MacBook Air.

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The Macbook Pro update will finally be coming this fall with Touch ID

Apple is expected to debut a new line of MacBook laptops at some point in the last quarter of the year, with the long-forgotten Macbook Pro expected to finally get an update

It’s not clear at this stage whether the MacBook Air brand will be discontinued or not, but a new report reveals more details about Apple’s rumored 2016 MacBooks.

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New MacBook Air again said to pack USB-C

Apple’s MacBook relies on a single USB-C port which, at launch, seemed like a bizarre and too-forward-thinking move on Apple’s part. The company will continue with the standard, according to a new rumor, introducing it in a new MacBook Air.

DigiTimes said this week that Apple’s new MacBook Air, still just a rumor without any release date in sight just yet, will employ the USB-C interface. We presume it will offer more than a single port, since it will help distinguish the MacBook Air from the MacBook, but details on how many were not revealed.

Apple is lagging behind on updates to its laptops, which are still operating on older Intel chips. The hope is that Apple will introduce its new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro computers soon, but it hasn’t provided any insight on when.

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