Motorola trolls Apple in a new video

If you haven’t been following the tech world these past few days, Motorola has launched a promotional campaign against the Smartphone leaders Samsung and Apple called #SkipTheSevens, basically suggesting what the campaign slogan clearly says, Skip the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the iPhone 7, and get a Moto Z.

The latest addition to this campaign is a new video where Motorola makes Apple fans think the Moto Mods are an Apple innovation. Continue reading “Motorola trolls Apple in a new video”

Xiaomi Redmi 3s/Prime, Note 3/ Moto G4 Play: Best smartphones under ₹10,000 in India (September 2016)

Until a few years ago, before Motorola launched the aggressively priced Moto E and the Moto G 2nd generation, if you were in the market looking for a decent budget smartphone there were plenty of options but each one of those smartphones almost yelled “I am cheap” at any one who looked. The internals weren’t so great either. Fast forward 2016, the two Moto phones brought a drastic change in the budget segment with many Chinese competitors jumping in.

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Moto Mods so far : Verdict

Lenovo has announced the Moto Z Play, (a more affordable variant of the Moto Z) modular smartphone that was announced in June this year. The Moto Z play comes with a price tag of $499 (approximately ₹33,500) and it will start shipping in September. The company also announced that the Moto Z will be priced at $624 (approximately ₹41,750).

The Moto Z and the Moto Z Play come with Moto Mods, a modular system that lets users extend the functionality of the smartphone. Lenovo has also unveiled a new Moto Mod developed with Hasselblad, called the True Zoom, which extends camera capabilities of the Moto Z family. The new products were unveiled at the sidelines of IFA 2016 in Berlin on Wednesday, and they will be on display at the company’s booth at the exhibition. Continue reading “Moto Mods so far : Verdict”

Lenovo bloats up Android with Microsoft Office and Skype

Microsoft has introduced that its device will be soon be preloaded onto a few of Lenovo Android units. productivity apps including Microsoft place of work, OneDrive, and Skype will probably be loaded onto chosen Lenovo merchandise running Google’s operating system, the result of a new patent go-licensing settlement the two corporations signed that covers both Lenovo and Motorola devices.

Lenovo owns Motorola, a brand with a fan following because of its bloat-less stock android experience.

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Moto Z Play live Images : leaked in white and black

At this point it’s practically impossible for rivals to compete with Samsung’s high end Galaxy lineup of smartphones. For one, Samsung’s Marketing and advertisement budget is in double digit billions, something its rivals can’t compare against. On top of that, Samsung happens to be making the best Android-powered smartphones in the world right now. As you can see explained in detail all over the internet, Samsung’s new Note 7 is completely unmatched. Although, the slightly less than average RAM management does make you want that 6GB RAM Samsung decided you didn’t need.

While the Android world is dazzled by the shining new Note 7, Lenovo’s Moto Z has leaked online in live images. Sure it wouldn’t come anywhere close to the Note 7’s sales numbers, but in the world of android, Moto phones have always been an exciting part.

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Report : Sony phones crash the least, Motorola Updates fastest

Wouldn’t it be great if we could know which Android manufacturers have the best track record when it comes to things like crashes, update speed, and so on?

A new report was released by Apteligent yesterday, which compares device makers in a number of different ways, and then pools that data to find the best Android manufacturer out there.

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The alleged Moto X 2016 is probably a Lenovo Moto M

It appears that despite previous reports of Motorola Mobility discontinuing the Motorola Moto X line of smartphones in favor of the new flagship series, the Moto Z line, the company might still go on with the Moto X line — only this time, it would releasing a new smartphone that falls in the mid-range category. This was due to a recently spotted GFXBench listing in June that shows what is being speculated to be the new Motorola Moto X 2016.

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