Split screen : Nougat vs Touchwiz

The latest version of the Android mobile operating system – Android 7.0 or Android Nougat – is here, and it is full of subtle, yet functional, upgrades. The most exciting update however is the new split screen, or the multi window mode. Nougat’s new multi-tasking split-screen mode, which lets users open two applications side-by-side, as well the new virtual-reality features which will eventually allow a Nougat phone to be used as part of a virtual reality machine, are both features that Samsung added to its own version of Android years ago.

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Remix OS for PC is moving up to Marshmallow

Early this year, Jide Technology continued on their commitment to bring a true multi-window, multi-tasking Android experience to all platforms, including a standard desktop PC, by launching the Remix OS for PC. Remix OS amazing in what it can do and is definitely a legit Android option, but it was only in February this year that Jide launched a version of Remix OS for 32-bit desktop PCs. Now they’re bringing the Remix OS for PC up to Marshmallow.

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