Finally an HTC flagship worth waiting for, with customizable sensors on the frame

If you remember, an accidental leak happened back in September last year. There was a rumour about a device called the HTC Ocean. There were attempts to clear it off as a conceptual piece that did “not represent any real product from HTC.” Well, after what seems like forever, and a few flagships later, more information has surfaced regarding the device, also being called the HTC U. Continue reading “Finally an HTC flagship worth waiting for, with customizable sensors on the frame”

Andy Rubin teases Essential’s first bezel-less smartphone

Only two days now, even less in fact, before Samsung takes the wraps off its latest flagship. For some reason, Andy Rubin, the father of the most popular OS in the world, chose this time to tease his company’s first smartphone on Twitter where he wrote, and I quote, “I’m really excited about how this is shaping up. Eager to get it in more people’s hands…”

Little is known about this brand new company’s brand new device, and by little I mean nothing. Not even whether it will be an Android smartphone or a smartphone with a new OS. But the image that Rubin posted is rather telling. The device seems to have an edge to edge display that looks like LG G6 meets Xaiomi MIX. Samsung is also offering a similar but curved display and Apple is also rumored to be taking the bezel-less route with the next iPhone.  Continue reading “Andy Rubin teases Essential’s first bezel-less smartphone”

Install the Google Pixel Launcher from Android O Developer Preview on any Android device

The first Android O Developer Preview has been out only for days but the development community is already at work bringing features from the to-be-latest and greatest Android version to older versions. As obvious from the title, we now have the updated Pixel Launcher from Android O, thanks to developer linuxct. This ported version of the Pixel Launcher works on Android 6.0+ devices with or without root. As always though, having root is sort of better.  Continue reading “Install the Google Pixel Launcher from Android O Developer Preview on any Android device”

Android O Feature Focus : Redesigned Settings

The first developer preview of Android O introduced us to some of the changes Google has been working on for the new version of Android. However, apart from a few little changes here and there, there aren’t a lot differences here when compared to Android Nougat visually. Just like Android Marshmallow and Nougat weren’t all that different in terms of visual changes compared to their predecessor. The most visual change in Android O happens in the Settings app which is now quite white. Continue reading “Android O Feature Focus : Redesigned Settings”

Android O Feature focus : Improved battery life with limits on background apps

The size of our mobile phones have increased a lot thanks to a total trend reversal. So has the size of the batteries used in them. Yet that hasn’t translate into an increased battery life because technology is moving forward at a rapid pace. Powerful processors, fabulous displays, highly packed screen resolution, so much RAM, but the battery technology is still stuck where it was a decade ago. Of course, you know all about it too. So until something revolutionary happens in batteries, we will probably have to depend on the software to give us the most out of them.  Continue reading “Android O Feature focus : Improved battery life with limits on background apps”

Android O Feature Focus : Notification Channels

Notifications. The one thing that comes to mind whenever you want to prove Android is better than iOS. Without falling into that debate however, we can all agree that Android handles notifications better than the competition. And lately with each update to the OS, Google has shown committment towards making that gap even larger. With the first developer preview of Android O, even as things seem mostly the same, some small little things that have been added to the notifications can make a lot of difference.  Continue reading “Android O Feature Focus : Notification Channels”

Android O first Developer Preview available for fownload

Continuing the transparency of Android development, Google announced the first Developer Preview of Android O. This Developer Preview is meant to provide an early access to developers so that they can start making their apps compatible with the new APIs and design guidelines. This is in no way meant for consumers or as a daily driver being the very first preview and it unstable. However, if you’re an enthusiast and have an extra Pixel or Nexus lying around, I don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a try and get a taste of all the new features yourself.  Continue reading “Android O first Developer Preview available for fownload”

Samsung officially announces Bixby, the virtual assistant arriving with the Galaxy S8

We’ve all known Samsung was planning to be the next name after Apple, Google and Microsoft to have its own virtual assistant. Well, we can now officially put Samsung on the list. The company took to its own blog to officially announce Bixby, the virtual assistant that will be a core feature on the upcoming Galaxy S8. However, Samsung has taken a slightly different approach to the mainstream digital assistants, or agents as the Korean giant likes to call them. Bixby will not be telling you the weather, or when your package is arriving.  Continue reading “Samsung officially announces Bixby, the virtual assistant arriving with the Galaxy S8”

Google reportedly working on a third Pixel smartphone codenamed ‘taimen’

It was recently leaked that Google’s follow up to 2016’s Pixel and Pixel XL have been codenamed ‘muskie‘ and ‘walleye‘. So we know Google is at least keeping the trend of codenaming their devices based on marine life. However, according to a new report, it would seem Mountain Veiw has another device, specifically a smartphone, up its sleeve. Multiple sources cited by Droid-Life are now claiming that the Search giant is working on a device codenamed ‘taimen‘. Continue reading “Google reportedly working on a third Pixel smartphone codenamed ‘taimen’”

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