HTC Nexus Marlin & Sailfish get certified at FCC before official unveil

By now the general consensus seems to be that HTC will be making this year’s Nexus handsets. It also appears that Google will be keeping to last year’s pattern by offering up two handsets, although in this case it seems that HTC will be making both of them, as opposed to last year where we had two different companies.

If you’re still skeptical or if maybe you wanted more evidence of HTC’s Nexus plans, you might be interested to learn that the FCC filing for HTC’s Nexus handsets has been discovered. Now the FCC filing doesn’t actually give away the specs or the design of the phone, but there is evidence to suggest that these are the Nexus phones. Continue reading “HTC Nexus Marlin & Sailfish get certified at FCC before official unveil”

HTC Nexus‘Sailfish’ shown in new leaked photos

It may still be a month or two before Google officially announces this year’s new Nexus smartphones, but the devices are not exactly mysteries to us. Codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, the two next-gen handsets are reportedly made by HTC, and should have many common features. Moreover, it’s said that they also have one and the same design (though in different sizes).

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Google’s new Nexus phones might look amazing after all and may also be available via Verizon

In case you missed it, it is Nexus Season. You know, the time for good cheer, severe speculation, and of course our favorite – Nexus rumors.

Google’s pure Android phones have not seen the success of the iPhone, and they can’t match the sales of Samsung Galaxy flagship phones out there, but they still have plenty of fans. Nexus phones have one major advantage, access to fast Android updates, which make them prized possessions to Android users looking to be on the latest available Android releases. And this year, Google’s Nexus phones will be true flagship devices according to several independent reports, complete with great new design.

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Nexus 2016 devices to get Night Light mode, dual-tab settings and ambient display UI

Earlier this week, we saw screenshots that suggested Google is going to change the launcher for new Nexus devices. Now, Android Police is offering a glimpse of more tweaks that are coming to 2016 Nexus devices with Android 7.0 Nougat.

As per latest screenshots, Google is apparently rolling out a revamped color theme for the Settings menu which will be a mixture of dark grey, blue, and white. Next up, the new Nexus devices will exclusively get a dual-pane UI that show sections for “all” and “support”.

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Grab the Nexus 2016 Wallpapers here

Google hasn’t even come close to showing off the new Nexus phone(s) for 2016, but that hasn’t stopped a slow trollout of leaks involving them. We’ve heard the specs, seen mock-up renders, and now have supposed wallpapers from the device that you can download.

You want them because duh. These are a handful of the new static wallpapers that Google will unveil with the new Nexus phones later this year. We don’t know if this is all the wallpapers, but it’s a good portion of them. We also know for a fact that Google is working on a tremendous number of new live wallpapers with varying animations and functions (yep, functional LWPs, from Google), and we’ll share more about those when we have it.

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‘Nexus Launcher’ leaks with redesigned app drawer and no search bar

Google may be releasing Android Nougat before launching its new Nexus devices, but that doesn’t mean it’s giving away all its goodies. A number of rumors have suggested that Google is working on a new launcher for this year’s upcoming Nexus devices and a new leak gives a look at what we could expect.  A report by Android Police suggests Google is completely redesigning the Launcher app in time for its new devices.

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