[Poll] The best Nexus that ever was and will be

 It’s 2010: Steve Jobs unveils the first iPad to a wary crowd; Samsung announces the first entry in the Galaxy S series of smartphones; Angry Birds is a worldwide phenomenon; Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is incarnated by Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network; LeBron James decides to take his talents to South Beach.

And Google, amid much hype and hope, joins the smartphone revolution by coming out with the Nexus One for under $530 off contract. It’s the first Google phone, and while not as successful as later iterations, it will be seen by many as an integral part of Android’s trajectory.

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The Nexus 5 and Xperia Z3 are two very capable devices but can’t support Android 7.0 Nougat

Nexus 5, and Xperia Z3, both are very capable smartphones which still after 2 years perform as good as any new non-flagship devices.When Google confirmed the nexus 5 wouldn’t be getting the official Nougat from them, it was disappointing since the device still commands a heavy following and dev support. It already has an unofficial alpha version of Nougat. But it shouldn’t be surprising since the nexus 5 had finished its promised 2 year support cycle.

When Sony’s official list of the devices it’ll be updating to Android Nougat left out the Xperia Z3, which was included in Sony’s beta testing of Android Nougat, it came as a shock. Xperia Z3 is still very well under its 2 year promised support cycle. The question is why? Why wouldn’t these companies update these devices that do deserve an update?

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Nexus 5 gets Android 7.0 Nougat, if you dare

Nexus 5, its one of those devices that don’t only get popular, they stick around and has this nexus stuck around for long. It was perhaps the fan favorite Nexus until the 6p arrived. Nexus 5 has enjoyed a pretty amazing developer support so when Google confirmed it wouldn’t be getting an official update to Android Nougat, it was disappointing sure, but it was only a matter of days before anyone came up with a way to run the latest and greatest of Android on the Nexus 5.

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