Nexus launcher is now Pixel Launcher : Download it here

Awhile ago there was a lot of fuzz about a redesigned Google launcher for Android Nougat which then turned out to be a specialized version just for the new Nexus devices, the Nexus launcher. Then a few Nexus wallpapers leaked, we also had a tutorial for you to get the Nexus Launcher feel with Nova Launcher, we had the new Nexus ringtones and notification sounds for you, Action Launcher came out replicating the Nexus look.

And now, we find out that the Nexus Launcher has become Pixel Launcher which makes sense since the Nexus phones have become Pixel phones.

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Action Launcher v3.9 hits the Playstore officially

If you’ve been following, you’ll know how much I have loved Action Launcher 3. If you haven’t, do check out all the cool features in Action Launcher and how Action Launcher can help simplify your Android experience. In august, when the nexus launcher leaked – or we should call it the Pixel launcher now – Action Launcher soon released a beta version of v3.9 incorporating the goodies from the new launcher in the upcoming Google phones.

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Action Launcher 3 Beta Lets You Re-Create the Nexus Launcher Style

The Nexus Launcher leak from earlier in the week seems to have captured the attention of all Android purists because well, it involves Nexus. Even as simple as the launcher is, everyone has been doing their best to either give the broken leaked version a spin, flash the fully working version as a system app, or re-create its simple elegance in their own launcher. Action Launcher 3’s beta update makes that last option easier than ever. 

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Recreate the Pixel Launcher’s appearance in Nova

Update : Nova Launcher beta adds Pixel Launcher features

Original : Earlier today the world was treated to a sneak peek at the new Nexus launcher which is believed to be coming with the 2016 Nexus phones. This new launcher lacks the beloved app drawer icon the absence of which upsets many android fans. But worry not, the app drawer is still very much there and its just a swipe away. Thanks to Corey Zonin for his quick work and the folks at xda who were also quick enough to put up an easy to follow tutorial.

To start you will need the two Zooper widgets found here, Zooper Widget Pro ($2.99), Nova, and Polycon icon pack.

Got everything? Head over to the xda forums for the guide.

Did you also need the new Nexus 2016 wallpapers? Here they are. Try it out and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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