Android 7.1.2 beta brings fingerprint swipe gesture to Nexus 5X

Google started rolling out Android 7.1.2 Nougat public beta to all compatible devices just a few days ago. One of the compatible devices, the Nexus 5X is receiving a much requested feature: a swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to reveal notifications. There was much controversy back in November over why last generation’s Nexus devices were not receiving the ‘Swipe for notifications’ gesture. Despite the Pixel featuring the exact same fingerprint sensor, Android 7.1 did not bring over the useful feature to the Nexus 5X and 6P. Continue reading “Android 7.1.2 beta brings fingerprint swipe gesture to Nexus 5X”

A Nexus like budget friendly Pixel 2B might be a possibility

Will Google reintroduce significant elements of the beloved Nexus device lineup as the tech giants ramps on its preparation for the Google Pixel 2 2017 release? Rumours have it that alongside the flagship Pure Android handsets to come out this year, the company will also launch the relatively cheaper Pixel 2B. Continue reading “A Nexus like budget friendly Pixel 2B might be a possibility”

Rumour : Android 7.1.1 coming to Nexus line on December 6th

When Google pushed out the “final” developer preview for Android 7.1.1 this past week, they did also note that the stable update would be heading out to all supported Nexus devices in December. According to Vodafone Australia, Android 7.1.1’s consumer release to Nexus devices will coincide with next month’s security patch on December 5th.

First launched on the Pixel, Android 7.1 qucikly came to the Nexus 5X, 6P, and Pixel C via the Developer Preview. DP2 was expected to add support for the remaining crop of current devices and Android One, but the Nexus 9 was the only addition this week. Continue reading “Rumour : Android 7.1.1 coming to Nexus line on December 6th”

LG issuing full refunds for defective Nexus 5X units

The Nexus 5X manufactured by LG is one of the two, very last Nexus devices, at least right now. It is still going to be supported by Google for one more year or so through regular software updates. But what about the hardware, what happens if your phone starts suffering from various internal issues that makes it inoperable?

Contact the manufacturer of the device of course. Usually, even when the device is under warranty, you’d have to send in the device for repairs or the manufacturer replaces your unit with a refurbished one. According to some users, however, LG is issuing full refunds for Nexus 5X units that are suffering from a certain defect.  Continue reading “LG issuing full refunds for defective Nexus 5X units”

Huawei Executive talks about why the company walked away from the Google Pixel

Huawei has been on the rise ever since it became the first Chinese OEM to partner with Google on a Nexus. The company hasn’t looked back and is now openly threatening the market leaders, Apple specifically. Huawei’s Galaxy S7 rival, the Huawei P9 has sold over 9 million units in only 8 months.

The Huawei made Nexus 6P was also one of the best Nexus devices and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Huawei was Google’s first choice for the Google Pixel. However, Huawei later backed out of the project for an unspecified reason. A Huawei executive has now spoken out about the decision. Continue reading “Huawei Executive talks about why the company walked away from the Google Pixel”

ZTE wants to be the Nexus replacement but needs your opinion

Google’s new Pixel phones show the company is getting serious about the hardware business, but its done with the Nexus program. The Pixel is not a true successor to the Nexus but an entirely different device. And fans of the $400 stock android experience have not many choices right now but the OnePlus 3 and the ZTE Axon 7, both based in China.

OnePlus is not stock Android, but very closely similar. But ZTE Axon 7 deserves to be perceived as a Nexus 6P replacement because it is packed with Google-exclusive features and it runs on flagship hardware. The best part is that the Axon 7 is cheap, unlike the Pixel phones. ZTE appears to be considering launching stock Android devices after a community poll in September showed most users preferred a stock or near-stock Android experience. Continue reading “ZTE wants to be the Nexus replacement but needs your opinion”

Google Pixel XL adoption rate twice of Nexus 6P : But is it really a surprise?

The Pixel and the Pixel XL are not only two of the newest smartphones on the market, but they are also two smartphones that mark a departure away from the usual way Google does things. As a result, many will be watching the initial launch period of the Pixel and the Pixel XL to see how they perform. As this will be thought of as a large indicator of how Google is actually performing, now that it has joined the smartphone market in an official capacity.

Mobile marketing company Appboy claims that the week-one adoption rate of both the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones are greater than that of the Nexus 6P. Continue reading “Google Pixel XL adoption rate twice of Nexus 6P : But is it really a surprise?”

Googler explains why they won’t bring Pixel’s fingerprint gestures to Nexus

One of the great new features of Google’s Pixel phones is the fingerprint gestures that have been added to give you additional ways to perform tasks with the device. Some Nexus owners expected to see those features brought over to last year’s Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, but Google has stated it has no intention of doing so.

Earlier Google reasoned that this was due to a lack of hardware but as it turned out, both the Nexus 6P and the Pixel share the exact same fingerprint sensor. This sparked a controversy on reddit with several users accusing Google of lying to customers. So now that the grand conspiracy to leave Nexus owners high and dry when it comes to fancy new Google Pixel features like has finally been exposed, the question of “why” comes back again. Continue reading “Googler explains why they won’t bring Pixel’s fingerprint gestures to Nexus”

They hacked a fully patched Nexus 6P and won over $100K for it, no luck with the Galaxy S7

Hacking. A term that is thrown around so much these days even though most have no idea what it is or how it works. But those big companies who do know what it implies, are working hard to secure things. This has resulted in an interesting culture of hacking competitions where you get paid to hack, instead of being put in jail. Recently, Google announced such a competition offering upto $200K to anyone who hacks a Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X.

But this was another competition called Pwn2Own, the mobile-edition of it, sponsored by Trend Micro – the antivirus company -offering cash prizes to anyone who could get user info, install rogue apps, or completely unlock some of the biggest mainstream phones out there: the Nexus 6P, the Galaxy S6, and the iPhone 6s. Continue reading “They hacked a fully patched Nexus 6P and won over $100K for it, no luck with the Galaxy S7”

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