10 tips for getting started with Dropbox Paper

Cloud storage veteran Dropbox officially entered the online document collaboration space with its new service, Paper, which was announced last October. Today, Dropbox opened the beta up to the public, sans waitlist, and released beta versions of Paper for Android and iOS.

Paper is pitted against some very well-known and widely adopted services, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office and OneNote, Evernote and Quip. It not only focuses heavily on the ease of creation of rich text documents, but also on team collaboration.

Keeping in mind that this is very much still a beta, here are some tips to get you started with Paper.

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Dropbox Paper wants to shred Slack and Google Docs

Dropbox has expanded beta testing of Paper, a new offering that was released in a highly limited beta, in March, under the name Notes. Dropbox’s new offering illustrates how they are responding to the functional parity that vendors have achieved with basic file sharing offerings and to their rapid downward price movement.

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