Nokia is suing Apple : how’s that for a change

Former mobile phone giant Nokia has announced it is suing Apple, accusing the iPhone maker of violating 32 technology patents. This happened a day after the Cupertino based tech giant sued two patent licensors and accused the Finish communications giant of colluding with them.

On Tuesday, Apple filed suit against Acacia Research and Conversant Intellectual Property Management, both of whom license patents, for allegedly engaging in anticompetitive behaviour with Nokia to “extract and extort exorbitant revenues unfairly” from Apple and other smartphone makers.
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Samsung patent hints at U-Touch like capabilities for future Samsung devices

It looks like fingerprint gestures aren’t hot just for Xiaomi and other Chinese OEMs anymore. Google built a fingerprint notification swipe inside the Pixel phones and now apparently, Samsung is working on such an implementation of its own, as these patent applications reveal.

Although the patent does indicate gestures for the fingerprint sensor, it doesn’t necessarily give much detail in the way of what these gestures would enable for users. It does however suggest that it would be compatible with multiple different aspects of the device, and if that’s the case then users may be able to expect the fingerprint swipe gestures on Samsung phones to include more than just one single action, so perhaps they would be able to open up apps, send quick replies from message templates and so on. Continue reading “Samsung patent hints at U-Touch like capabilities for future Samsung devices”

A new patent reveals LG working on transparent foldable displays

We’ve been hearing about foldable paper-like smartphone displays, and just displays in general as well, for quite a while now. But transparent displays? They’ve never been a hot topic of discussion even though every sci-fi movie does feature transparent displays rather than foldable displays. Whatever the future of smartphones and gadgets looks like, companies like Samsung and LG are doing all they can to beat the other at the next big thing.


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Microsoft’s all seeing eye that will track everything you do on your computer

Microsoft has often been accused of spying on its users with Windows 10 because the operating system collects some data needed to diagnose bugs and help improve reliability, but if this recently-patented technology ever reaches mass-production, the firm should really be ready for a never-seen-before amount of criticism.

The title of the company’s patent filing is “Query Formulation Via Task Continuum” and it aims to make it easier for apps to share data between them, in real-time, so that the user can make more informed decisions when performing searches.
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Samsung’s new patent hints at a dual boot Android and Windows smartphone

It’s hardly been a week since Samsung’s latest flagship made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Samsung even offered to pay $25 credits to those who would stick with  Samsung smartphone after returning their Note 7.  We now have a couple of reports about something quite unusual from the company.

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New Apple patent suggests future iPhones could have a Digital Crown

This year’s iPhone is expected to bore everyone’s brains out.

Now, next year’s iPhone…that’d be iPhone 8, is supposed to be the one with the sweeping changes. For the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple surely has something grand planned.

The next year’s iPhone is claimed to sport a digital crown similar to one on Apple’ Watch. Based on a diagram spotted by Patently Apple, the US Patent and Trademark office published an application from Apple that reveals the team have considered expanding the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown to other iOS devices which includes iPhone and iPad.

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