How to take better photos with your Android phone

Many Android phones come with a high-quality camera designed to capture your subject’s tiniest details and features, and while they’re not technically on the same level as a DSLR camera, you can still take the perfect picture with just your phone if you know how to use it. Even if you’re a beginner, you can quickly learn how to capture amazing photos with your Android phone (be sure to check out the new photo editing app called Prisma.)

Here are some helpful tricks to help you take better photos with your Android device.

Explore your camera settings

Get acquainted with your phone and all the camera settings before you start shooting, and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable capturing your shots!


While shooting from your phone’s stock camera is great for 99.9% of pictures — especially if you’ve got a recent Samsung, LG or HTC phone — playing around with the various modes and settings can really allow you to experiment and get creative.

Make sure your lens is clean


While this may seem like an obvious one, cleaning your phone lens can be a lot harder to remember than cleaning your DSLR lens. After all, there’s no lens cap protecting your Android phone’s camera from dirt and scratches like professional cameras have.

Carrying around a small lens cleaning cloth, or even having small micro fiber lens cleaning patches stitched to the inside of your purse or your jacket are simple ways to remind you to clean your phone lens and screen, so you’re always ready to take the clearest shots with your phone.

Or just use your shirt.

Forget the flash: use external lighting


When it’s dark outside, it’s a knee-jerk reaction to turn on the flash to light up your photos, but it’s not always the best for picture quality. In fact, we’ll go one further: Don’t bother using your flash. Nearly ever.

Always try to find a natural light source when you’re shooting your photos. If you’re at a restaurant and want to snap a picture of your meal, try to get a seat by a window, so you can capture all the meal’s details with the perfect lighting. If you’re looking to take a selfie, try posing in front of a big window. This won’t only make your face and features light up – even on a cloudy day – but it will darken the background and make you the center of attention.

If it’s absolutely impossible to capture your picture without natural lighting (and sometimes that’s the case), try your best to find another external light source, like a lamp or even a candle. While it may seem silly, almost any other lighting will look better than the flash, especially since you then have more control of what you choose to light and highlight in your photographs.

Crop, don’t zoom

Just like your Android phone’s flash, zoom is another readily available option for phoneographers that should be avoided like the photographic plague.

Zoom can lower the quality of your pictures, and you might actually be cutting out something you didn’t notice in the photo that you may find amazing when you glance at the picture during editing.

It’s hard to remember when you’re shooting, but your Android device is not the same as a DSLR camera: you can’t just zoom in on something and have the quality stay virtually the same. A lot of professional photographers avoid the zoom altogether and prefer to crop strategically in the editing process afterwards, so they don’t miss out on anything they captured in the picture.

If you really need to get in close with your subject, pick yourself up and physically move closer to it rather than using your zoom. This is the best way to get creative control over your photo subject without using zoom to mess up the picture’s overall quality.

Burst first, ask questions later

Bursting may seem like a lazy way to take pictures, but it’s probably the most efficient way to capture your perfect shot!

Whether it be selfies, landscapes, or a masterpiece of a meal, using burst is a great way to take a bunch of photos without stress: just hold down the shutter button and your phone will take rapid-fire shots that you can browse through later to find the perfect one.

While a bunch of the pictures you take with burst will be terrible and totally unusable, there are bound to be a few gems hiding in there. Take the time to go through your burst shots and pick out the best ones, and always remember to delete the bad burst photos so they don’t take up space on your phone.

Find a favorite photography editing app

After you’re done shooting, you’re going to want to up your photo game by editing your pictures with your favorite editing app.maxresdefault (1).jpg

There are plenty of photo editing apps to choose from out there, and all of them do their own unique things like overlay certain filters, allow you to edit brightness and contrast, and even add text or stickers to your photos.

Photo editing apps are also a great tool to have if you’re not confident with the photos you’ve taken. You can even salvage some photographs through a little bit of editing and tweaking if you’re worried about quality.

Follow your favorite photographers on social media

Sometimes taking the best pictures with your Android phone doesn’t start with your camera app; it starts with a quick visit to social media to get motivated from Android phone photographers who are already taking beautiful pictures!

Following some of your favorite photographers on social media is an amazing way to get ideas, see what kind of art other people are creating, and get motivated to go out and start shooting. Some may even respond in the comments if you ask them how they shot a certain subject in a certain style or how they managed to edit a specific photograph to look a certain way.

Creep around the discover page on Instagram and see what other Android phone photographers have shot. Start by mimicking a style you’re fond of, and it will eventually evolve into your own.

Some photographers on social media even share their own tips and tricks for shooting, so be sure to check out a bunch of different profiles for inspiration.

Your turn

Are there any tips and tricks for shooting amazing photos with your Android phone that we may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Prisma now officially available on Android : moves out of beta

Prisma is being called a revolutionary photo editing app because it allows users to edit images in different art styles to give them the look of a painting or a sketch by like Picasso, Leviton, etc. This itself is nothing new, but Prisma is really good at doing this and it has many different art styles to choose from.

Through neural network processing Prisma generates pictures in a style of famous art by various artists including Andy Warhol, Edvard Munch etc.

Started as an idea, Prisma is a big business plan now. It has topped the apple charts in 54 countries in Photo and Video apps category. With its unique filtering criteria, Prisma is being loved by the users all over the world. Prisma uses machine learning algorithms and famous ornaments and patterns to create these stylish art related filters. These algorithms scan data in your picture instead of just adding a filter on top of it which makes the quality even better.

Earlier released as a Beta version Prisma app for Android, this app is heavily addictive and creative. It wouldn’t come surprising if we start to see these pictures on the walls of our houses.

Some of the key features of app are:

• Turn your pictures into a great piece of modern art.
• Different styles available like comic, paintbrush etc.
• Uses neural networks and Artificial Intelligence.

New features such as Prisma video feature, 360 degree Prisma images and various new styles are expected to be a part of upcoming updates of the app. These features really sound appealing for the selfie lovers and will transform any picture into a great piece of art.

SEE : Things you should know about Prisma

Recently the Co-founder of the app, Alexey Moiseenkov, announced on Facebook thatbefore the Beta version is released, Android users can sign up for the newsletter for updates. These users will get the Beta app before it is released on Google Play.

Some of the users who got hands on the beta version of this app and tested it have already sent their feedbacks. On the official Facebook page of Prisma, Developers made a post mentioning: “A big thanks goes to everyone who has managed to try our beta for Android. We have collected enough feedback and had to close it. We’ll come back to you guys with an official launch on Google Play later this month. Thank you for your patience.”

With over 7.5 million downloads and 1.5 million active users every day on the iOS platofrm, this app is now available on the Google Play Store. Prisma official app for Android is yours to download right away.

Download Prisma from Google Playstore

Prisma beta launches for android

Viral photo app sensation Prisma has just unveiled its beta app for Android users.

It has only been available on iOS for a little over five weeks, yet it’s already the number one app in 40+ countries, and has been downloaded over 7.5 million times, generating 1.5 million daily active users.

The app’s co-founder told TNW that it has a lot of cool new features in the pipeline, including a Prisma Video feature, 360-degree Prisma images and a long list of new ‘styles’ for you to transform your favorite photos into eye-popping bits of digital art.

Here are a few screenshots of the Android beta app:Screenshot_20160719-114457.png


Given the huge demand online from frustrated Android users desperate to get in on the action, the release of this beta app will no doubt be a hit in the Google Play Store, as it already has been in Apple’s App Store.

Android users wishing to access the beta should head here and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up.

Prisma has confirmed to TNW that they will begin sending out Android beta app invites to those that sign up, later today (19 July).

To know more about Prisma, check it out here.


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