Playstore search results get awesomized … or did they?

We’re only 13 days into November, and we’ve seen the Playstore undergo so many changes, some official and some in testing. A new trending section, a revamped UI, and more. Google has finally decided to do something with the Playstore’s search. No, it hasn’t improved its search capabilities yet, but the search results now look better, and have more functionality and information to them.  Continue reading “Playstore search results get awesomized … or did they?”

The Playstore UI from the Pixel video is real and is going live for some users

You might remember that leaked Playstore UI from the Pixel video  we talked about, at the time, I said, “don’t take this as just another regular rumour but as a speculating whisper by somebody on the Internet, with two pinches of salt.”

Turns out it wasn’t just that, and it’s real! Now the Playstore has just received a new trending section as well but that’s more of a feature than UI change, although it does come with a cool UI.  This user interface possessed a new color scheme, a larger “Install” button, and more. Continue reading “The Playstore UI from the Pixel video is real and is going live for some users”

Google Playstore gets a new trending section

Google’s Playstore app on android is perhaps the one to have seen the most number of UI changes. Google is always onto something, a slight color change, a larger button, a different download animation, and apart from these the Android maker is always looking to incorporate some new feature in an effort to make it easier to find things, which equates to users spending more money in Google Play. In fact, Google is currently testing a big redesign of the Playstore UI, exactly as was leaked in the Pixel tips video.

Google has now added a “trending” section in the Entertainment side of the Playstore and not only is it useful, it is incredibly well designed.  Continue reading “Google Playstore gets a new trending section”

Google Does More to Prevent Play Store Fraud

If you use the Google Playstore to download a lot of different apps you’ve probably come across some app that at a first glance didn’t seem worthy of the impressive ratings and install numbers. I have. And usually, just opening such apps is enough to make it clear that the ratings and reviews were fake. High ratings for low-quality apps are common, which can sometimes mean fraudulent download counts, or an app giving users an incentive to give a high rating, or even forcing them to do so in order to use the app.

It’s exactly this kind of behavior that Google has announced that they’re rolling out tools to crack down on with the Play Store. Continue reading “Google Does More to Prevent Play Store Fraud”

Google is giving away $50 in Play Store credit to some delayed Pixel and Pixel XL pre-orders

As is the case with any major smartphone release, it usually sells pretty well in its opening weeks and months. However, the Pixel and Pixel XL also happen to be two smartphones which are largely representative of a new direction for Google hardware. An aspect which has likely added to their allure and also the number of units which will be sold during the initial availability period.

Reports have been coming through recently that the Pixel and Pixel XL do seem to be selling very well so far,  exceeding Google’s expectations. Which while being great for Google, is probably not so great for consumers who are waiting on their Pixel phone to be delivered. Especially as seeing some models are currently experiencing delayed shipping dates by as much as 3-4 weeks. Continue reading “Google is giving away $50 in Play Store credit to some delayed Pixel and Pixel XL pre-orders”

Brand new DressCode malware discovered in Android apps on the Google Play store

Malwares are generally not taken that seriously by many. Because perhaps they don’t poses a huge security risk when compared to loopholes or security exploits present in the OS. But malwares are a serious issue specially in the android world. Individuals with malicious intent will always target the most popular operating systems, and Android happens to just be the most popular of them all. The Check Point mobile threat prevention research team discovered a new Android malware on Google Play, called “DressCode,” which was embedded into more than 40 apps, and found in more than 400 additional apps on third party app stores.

Continue reading “Brand new DressCode malware discovered in Android apps on the Google Play store”

Apple iOS vs Google Android: Which is the more secure smartphone OS?

From the safety of Apple’s ‘walled garden’ looking out, it may be easy to believe that your expensive iOS device is secure from nasty bugs and malware attacks – especially when compared to the unpredictable wilderness that is the Android platform, right? Well, the evidence is mounting that mobile threats are increasingly hitting both sides of the divide – meaning that no platform can claim to be fully protected from hackers and cybercriminals.

Continue reading “Apple iOS vs Google Android: Which is the more secure smartphone OS?”

The secrets of malware success in the Google Play Store and why Google can’t stop it.

Google’s Android platform has become a larger target for mobile malware writers than Apple iOS. This could be a result of Android’s popularity—with more than 1 million activations per day, Android smartphones command a 59% market share worldwide. However, the relative vulnerability of Android vs. iOS comes down to the level of control the vendors have over products and the marketplace for development and distribution of apps.

Continue reading “The secrets of malware success in the Google Play Store and why Google can’t stop it.”

Android apps running on Chrome OS

The addition of Acer’s R11 and the 2015 Chromebook Pixel brings the total number of Chromebooks able to run the Play Store to three.

Keeping everything in perspective, this is a great glimpse into the future.

What I found was generally a mixed bag when it comes to usability, built on a base of great potential for the future. Here’s how it all works in the real world.

Continue reading “Android apps running on Chrome OS”

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