Prisma for Android getting offline support by this weekend, iOS already has it

Prisma on iOS has a new update, which will make it possible to edit photos even offline. Prisma, the iOS and Android app, lets users convert their photos into works of art in the style of Van Gogh, Picasso, and other famous artists. However, one of the problems with Prisma app was that filters would take too much time to load, and often users would get the message: “Too many people are using Prisma, try again later.” Here are a few steps to help if  you are facing that problem.

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Prisma update lets you save photos directly

Just hours after it first landed on Android, popular AI-enabled photo filtering app Prisma has received its first update. The updated version of Prisma adds a “save” button — a much requested feature that lets you export directly to your gallery, as opposed to another app through Android share intents.

Prisma UI

Everything works just as before, instead now you’ll find a “save” button to the left of the Instagram share button. Tapping it immediately saves the photo to the “Prisma” folder on your phone’s internal storage.

It’s worth remembering the app still doesn’t support incoming Android share intents, so to load a photo into Prisma in the first place you’ll always need to start the app and navigate to the image you want.

The Prisma team also says it’s squished a few bugs in this initial update for the app.

If you hadn’t already, download Prisma from the playstore and check it out. Here are some things you should know about Prisma.

How to remove the Prisma logo watermark from your photos

With the unique photo-filtering app Prisma now available on Android, it’s worth underscoring one of the most important settings changes you can make. By default, Prisma adds its own logo to every image you share from the app. But it’s easy to disable this watermark from within the app’s settings.

  1. From the main photo-taking screen, hit the Settings button (cog icon).
  2. Uncheck the Add watermark setting.
  3. Press the back key again to return to previous screen.

With the watermark option disabled, your photos will no longer show the Prisma logo in the bottom right corner. Hurrah!

Prisma samplePrisma sample

Prisma beta launches for android

Viral photo app sensation Prisma has just unveiled its beta app for Android users.

It has only been available on iOS for a little over five weeks, yet it’s already the number one app in 40+ countries, and has been downloaded over 7.5 million times, generating 1.5 million daily active users.

The app’s co-founder told TNW that it has a lot of cool new features in the pipeline, including a Prisma Video feature, 360-degree Prisma images and a long list of new ‘styles’ for you to transform your favorite photos into eye-popping bits of digital art.

Here are a few screenshots of the Android beta app:Screenshot_20160719-114457.png


Given the huge demand online from frustrated Android users desperate to get in on the action, the release of this beta app will no doubt be a hit in the Google Play Store, as it already has been in Apple’s App Store.

Android users wishing to access the beta should head here and scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up.

Prisma has confirmed to TNW that they will begin sending out Android beta app invites to those that sign up, later today (19 July).

To know more about Prisma, check it out here.


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