Google’s Project Ara photos and specs

If you weren’t aware of Google’s Project Ara, it was a smartphone project that hoped to bring modular to the masses. But after years of development and delays, Google abandoned the project, but that has left a lot of longtime fans of the project (myself included, obviously) wondering about what the device could have been.

Google has shown off the Project Ara phone officially before, but concrete specs had never really been detailed. Today it seems that the unfinished phone’s specifications have been discovered by the team over at Phandroid who were also able to take quite a few pictures for what are likely the best look yet that most people have gotten at Google’s fabled modular handset. Continue reading “Google’s Project Ara photos and specs”

Top Android stories last week 29/Aug- 05/Sep

Last week was an IFA week and amidst all the buzz and excitement from Berlin quite a few exciting things happened for the android world since many android OEMs take stage at IFA to showcase what they have coming in the future. Although, not everything exciting happened only at IFA, some of those happened in closed rooms perhaps behind a desk or something, and some haven’t yet happened but the leaks have us pumped.

Continue reading “Top Android stories last week 29/Aug- 05/Sep”

Google is reportedly axing Project Ara

Alphabet Inc has reportedly shelved Google’s Project Ara modular phone experiment. The company has not made any official announcements about the change in direction, although people close to the matter claim that it is part of a greater effort to streamline the company’s hardware projects. Continue reading “Google is reportedly axing Project Ara”

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