Remix OS Player : Run Android apps on Windows with the fastest & most optimized emulator

Jide Technology’s Remix OS is an Android-based operating system that takes Google’s mobile OS and makes it feel more like a desktop OS. It ships on a handful of tablets, mini-desktops, and other devices, and earlier this year Jide released Remix OS for PC, allowing just about anyone to download and run the operating system on computers with Intel or AMD chips.

Remix OS is basically a desktop version of Android, with floating windows and a start menu-style app drawer. So, it makes sense that creators Jide would make it as easy to use on a desktop. And now they have via Remix OS Player – a free, downloadable emulator of the OS for Windows. It’s always been fairly easy to get Remix OS on a Windows device by booting from a USB stick, for example, but with the Player you simply download it as .EXE.

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Remix OS for PC is moving up to Marshmallow

Early this year, Jide Technology continued on their commitment to bring a true multi-window, multi-tasking Android experience to all platforms, including a standard desktop PC, by launching the Remix OS for PC. Remix OS amazing in what it can do and is definitely a legit Android option, but it was only in February this year that Jide launched a version of Remix OS for 32-bit desktop PCs. Now they’re bringing the Remix OS for PC up to Marshmallow.

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