Open Gapps now lets you optionally install Google Assistant

Google Assistant was introduced at Google I/O last year as a more personal assistant than Google Now but later when it launched, it was exclusive for the Google made hardware such as the Google Pixel, Google Home, and Android TV. We also got a glimpse of Google Assistant with Allo which could be installed on any android or iOS smartphone, but the assistant works only with texts. Other than that, Google Assistant is available on the NVIDIA SHIELD TV (2017) and is rumoured to be a part of the upcoming LG G6 as well. Continue reading “Open Gapps now lets you optionally install Google Assistant”

Teamwin releases its first official TWRP app on the Playstore

If you aren’t already aware what TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is, its a custom made recovery for android devices that allows you to flash custom roms and mods, create and restore backups of ROMS and much more which is all so much fun if you haven’t tried. There have been quite a few custom recoveries over the years but TWRP has come out as a new standard I should say, replacing the Clockwork recovery. There is a reason for this — it is stable (mostly), feature packed, powerful, versatile and the developers are extremely active and knowledgeable.

The developers have now released their first app to the Play Store making flashing things a tad bit easier. Continue reading “Teamwin releases its first official TWRP app on the Playstore”

Rooting the Google Pixel phones will be harder than ever

It’s only Wednesday and yet Android fans had so much to be excited about. Google confirmed the Pixel launch date, Pixel phones got leaked in clear photos, Google released yet another messaging app Allo and I’d say after the slow last week, it’s nice to see things happening at this pace. However, all is not roses and there’s some slightly bad news for the fans of rooting and modding.

Continue reading “Rooting the Google Pixel phones will be harder than ever”

Now that Android has matured, do you still feel the need to root?

Rooting is one of those rites of passage that people look to as a milestone in geek cred. rooting a phone allows you to really dig in to the guts of Android and really tweak it so that it’s just right for you. It allows you to customize everything from what software appears on your phone (including the dreaded bloatware) to how strongly your phone vibrates. Most notably you can rid yourself of the bloatware that comes on just about every carrier branded phone these days.

Android Lollipop was a very mature operating system. It didn’t address things like vibration strength or bloatware, but anything else you wanted to change, you could change. I have been using Xperia devices for a while and they’ve had a theme engine much before anyone else, although not as robust as others its still pretty decent.

Few versions of Touchwiz later and we started seeing theming built into the operating system. So if I wanted to get a whole new set of icons I could really make my phone pretty. The HTC 10 allows you to “free yourself from grids” and arrange pictures on a screen literally anywhere you want to launch apps. Other theming apps like Themer allow you another level of control and customization to your device, and all of these come with a warranty. So woot!

So it begs the question, with Android being such a mature operating system with such a wide variety of apps and tweaks that allow you to customize a ton on your phone, is it worth it to root anymore just to take the customization level to 11?

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