Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a new battery, any takers?

One would think that the Galaxy Note 7 rests in the past and Samsung’s future is with the Galaxy S8, and then eventually, the Note 8. But it seems Note 7 isn’t quite ready to stop making headlines just yet. If you remember, back in November (I’m a poet) there were similar reports, and I had quite a lot to say, about how that shouldn’t be true including this:

So refurbished Note 7? Unlikely. But I could still be just totally wrong. Unlikely but possible. Sometimes logic can kick you in .. wrong places.

Turns out, it really can. A new report in the South Korean media claims that refurbished Galaxy Note 7 could actually go on sale in a few months. Continue reading


Google’s new OS Fuchsia is Andromeda?

If you were to dial your time machines back to August 2016 (.. or you know, just use Google’s advanced search tools), you’d find a ton of articles about Google’s new OS named Fuchsia. It was speculated to be the merger of Android and Chrome OS we have all been hearing about for … very long now I think. Then there were rumors about a new OS called Andromeda around September which got covered even more extensively. Now a new article is circulating around on the web speculating Fuchsia and Andromeda are one and the same. Continue reading

JAPAN - FEBRUARY 15:  Launched on the 1st September 2000, the Nokia 3310 featured advanced messaging, personalisation with Xpress-on covers and screensavers, vibra feature, time management functions, voice dialling, picture messaging, predictive text input and games. It also introduced ?mobile chat? using the Nokia Friends-Talk service, which allows users to have conversations using SMS (Short Message Service). This is a globally accepted wireless service that enables the transmission of messages between mobile users and external systems such as e-mail, paging, and voice-mail.  (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)

Nokia at MWC : Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and the legendary Nokia 3310

The Nokia 6 will be seen at the MWC, that’s a given but it is not something you’d call new and exciting anymore. The Nokia 6 however will have some company according to recent rumors. Nokia is expected to launch Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 as well as the iconic Nokia 3310. Yes, that Nokia phone you see all over your social media feed touted as being indestructible.   Continue reading


Leaked logo reveals the larger Galaxy S this year will be called the Galaxy S8+

Every year, there are at least three android smartphones that could be called close contenders to the most anticipated android smartphone of the year. One of them being Samsung’s Galaxy S and this year is no different. The Galaxy S8 is widely expected to break traditions, one of which could be the names since both the smaller and larger versions this year are rumored to have curved displays. A leak today by a reliable source seems to only confirm this theory, that the larger model of the Galaxy S8 will be officially called the S8+ and not the Galaxy S8 Edge. Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy S8 rumour round up

We know the Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming this year, and there’s no shortage of rumours and leaks. The Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to have reached the point in its pre-release timeline where we’re privy to most of its release details. Here’s what we know about Samsung’s next flagship, including the Galaxy S8 release date, specs, features, and price, lining them up into the best picture of what Samsung will show off this Spring in the Galaxy S line of smartphones. Continue reading


A Nexus like budget friendly Pixel 2B might be a possibility

Will Google reintroduce significant elements of the beloved Nexus device lineup as the tech giants ramps on its preparation for the Google Pixel 2 2017 release? Rumours have it that alongside the flagship Pure Android handsets to come out this year, the company will also launch the relatively cheaper Pixel 2B. Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy S8’s assistant Bixby might be a big step ahead than others

It’s really no secret that Samsung wants in on the whole AI-powered personal assistant bandwagon. After all, it did purchase Viv Labs, founded by Siri’s original creators. Rumoured to be known as Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant is said to be arriving with the Galaxy S8 and will be leaps and bounds ahead of the not so impressive S Voice. The new virtual assistant is even tipped to be accessible on all native apps. Now, a fresh leak gives an insight on how Bixby will work inside the Galaxy S8 camera app. Continue reading