Samsung Galaxy S8’s assistant Bixby might be a big step ahead than others

It’s really no secret that Samsung wants in on the whole AI-powered personal assistant bandwagon. After all, it did purchase Viv Labs, founded by Siri’s original creators. Rumoured to be known as Bixby, Samsung’s digital assistant is said to be arriving with the Galaxy S8 and will be leaps and bounds ahead of the not so impressive S Voice. The new virtual assistant is even tipped to be accessible on all native apps. Now, a fresh leak gives an insight on how Bixby will work inside the Galaxy S8 camera app. Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy S8 design is said to be finalized , dual cameras only for plus and a prototype exists

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been the topic of so many rumours, some obvious, some bizarre and some even contradicting the other ones out there. It’s hard to tell which might be right but as is the situation now, most rumours and un-named sources of them have come to agree upon the design of the next Galaxy.  Continue reading


LG unveils World’s first QHD+ 18:9 display that will feature on the LG G6

LG Display today announced the world’s first 5.7-inch QHD+ LCD panel with a 18:9 aspect ratio. However, the company has not released an image of the panel, like they usually do. LG says that it has developed this display with 18:9 aspect ratio to provide more immersive viewing experiences and due to consumer demands for bigger screens. The display ratio has evolved from 4:3, 3:2, 5:3, 16:9 and 17:9, reflecting demand for larger displays to consume multimedia content.

The 18:9 ratio will, according to the company, also allow consumers to multi-task by using the dual-screen feature. Continue reading


Nokia too may be may be developing its own mobile digital assisstant

The movie Her (a good movie by the way) painted a future where AI assistants are ubiquitous but it failed to mention just how many of them there will be. To say that the race for digital AI assistants has started, would only be stating an obvious fact. Apple has Siri, Google has Now, and also the Assistant, Microsoft has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa, Samsung is rumoured to be working on Bixby and now it appears Nokia has set sights on building its own artificial intelligence assistant which might be called by the name ‘Viki’. Continue reading


Rumour : Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be arriving with a 4K display and Bixby voice assistant

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was at some point deemed as a dream that will never come to be, but as things have started turning out in the recent past, it seems the phone is still happening.  A new report emerging out of South Korea claims that the phone will still be released in the second half of this year. This will be following the usual tradition of launching the Note series in the same period, just like last year’s Galaxy Note 7, which barely made it past two months in the market. Continue reading


Is this the Xperia XZ 2017?

As Sony is working on new devices to unleash in 2017, one of those devices could be particularly exciting. The Japanese tech giant could launch an edge-less handset in 2017, presumably dubbed as the Xperia XZ 2017. Sony looks set to continue its OmniBalance design language into 2017 if this latest rumoured leak turns out to be true.

This picture leaked online is said to come of a gold front panel of an upcoming Sony Xperia device. Continue reading


Samsung Galaxy S8 is once again rumoured to adapt software keys … and a stylus?

It seems like a norm now that every year before Samsung’s next Galaxy flagship, rumours about Samsung ditching hardware keys in favour of Android’s native software keys have to do rounds on the internet. A new rumour (via David Ruddock) corroborates several earlier reports.

Another unconfirmed report claims that the company plans to offer its S Pen stylus as an optional accessory for the phone. A Samsung Galaxy S8 with S pen? Does it even make sense? Continue reading