Google will launch two flagship smartwatches early next year

It’s been long-rumoured that Google is developing its own smartwatches, mostly because several Android Wear manufacturers have decided not to move forward with new wrist-worn products anytime soon. The rumours are now confirmed by Jeff Chang, product manager of Android Wear at Google. In an  interview with The Verge, he told that Google will be launching two new flagship smartwatches in the first quarter of next year as was previously rumoured.  Continue reading “Google will launch two flagship smartwatches early next year”

Huawei’s holiday deals start today, here’s what the company has to offer

Black Friday is just a couple of days away and companies are giving everyone the low down on the deals that will be coming. Huawei has joined the bandwagon today and is giving everyone a glimpse, and you definitely won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for some new devices.

Huawei is offering some great deals on the Honor 8, Huawei Fit, Huawei Watch, MediaPad M3 and the MateBook + through popular resellers for their holiday sale. The sales start today and run until December 2. Here is what you can get, where you can get it and how long the deal will last. Continue reading “Huawei’s holiday deals start today, here’s what the company has to offer”

Google Pixel watch : What we know

Google has installed Rick Osterloh, the former head of Motorola’s mobile division, as the new senior vice president of hardware. There’s a dedicated Made by Google site that shows off all the gear, further solidifying that hardware will be a major part of Google’s strategy going forward. Nearly every speaker at the event talked about how Google services and the company’s desire to build a “personal Google” for every user require a deep integration between hardware and software. The tenor of the gathering and the new shift by Google told us this wasn’t a one-off event.

Certainly, a Google smartwatch has been rumoured for a long long time now but until recently there weren’t many substantial evidences. According to Evan Blass, a reputable leakster, two new Google smartwatches are up for launch in  Q1 2017.

The two smartwatches — first rumored in July this year — will launch running Android Wear 2.0 which was also supposed to be arriving this year but has been pushed back to Q1 of 2017.  So here’s everything that we know so far, or at least think we know. Continue reading “Google Pixel watch : What we know”

Google Smartwatches to arrive as soon as Q1 2017

Android wear hasn’t recieved much love recently, neither from Google nor customers. The Apple watch and Tizen powered Samsung Gear series are doing better than most Android watches. Android wear 2.0 has also been pushed back to 2017. It was initially supposed to arrive this year. And now it kind of makes sense. With Android Wear 2.0 delayed until early next year, it makes for a perfect opportunity to introduce new made by Google smartwatches with the new OS.  Continue reading “Google Smartwatches to arrive as soon as Q1 2017”

Have you heard about Alphabet’s health watch?

Remember that health-tracking watch Alphabet’s X research division showed off more than a year ago, the one you’re looking at above? No? Well yeah, I get it, you’d want to forget that design of course. But be assured, it’s not sticking around apparently. Now, it looks like the company has ditched that design entirely and will now come with a circular e-paper screen. Continue reading “Have you heard about Alphabet’s health watch?”

Huawei : One of the best Android watch manufacturers could ditch Android wear

We’ve had previous reports that Huawei did not plan to release an Android wear smartwatch anytime soon. Huawei and Samsung have also been reportedly planning to move away from Android on their smartphones as well, while Huawei does not have a back up plan yet, Samsung is actively developing Tizen.

Amidst this if a new intel out of South Korea emerges claiming that Huawei may be ditching Android Wear that shouldn’t be very surprising. But the fact that Huawei might be going for Tizen OS is a bit surprising.

Continue reading “Huawei : One of the best Android watch manufacturers could ditch Android wear”

Top 10 Android News Stories last week : Sep 12-18

It would be a lie if I said lots has happened in the world of Android this past week.  While this was a pretty slow week for Android news, there were at least a few interesting things going down. As usual, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 drama continued with an official apology, which I’m sure most of us are tired of hearing. We got some new details and renders on Google’s upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL. The Pixel Launcher was made available for download this past week, and it was discovered that there are no new Android Wear smartwatches from LG, Huawei, or Moto coming in 2016. If you happened to miss any of this past week’s top stories, you can find them in the links below.

Continue reading “Top 10 Android News Stories last week : Sep 12-18”

Smartwatches didn’t really catch up with consumers like everyone expected

Wearable tech, which was seeing sizzling sales growth a year ago, is cooling this year amid consumer hesitation over new devices, a survey showed Thursday. The research firm IDC said it expects global sales of wearables to grow some 29.4 percent to some 103 million units in 2016. That follows 171 percent growth in 2015, fuelled by the launch of the Apple Watch and a variety of fitness bands.

Continue reading “Smartwatches didn’t really catch up with consumers like everyone expected”

WatchMI intends to change how you use smartwatches

We previously shared with you some reasons to consider buying smartwatches, now researchers at the University of St Andrews are working to give you more reasons. They have devised an interaction method that adds new smartwatch controls by tapping into existing sensors already packed into the timepiece.

Continue reading “WatchMI intends to change how you use smartwatches”

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