Samsung Galaxy S8 : Exynos 8895 vs Snapdragon 835

Yesterday, Samsung took the wraps off its new Exynos processor 8895 which has long been rumoured to be used in the International Galaxy S8 variants. The chipset is already under mass production since the Galaxy S8 might be unveiled on April 21st. The variant to be released in the USA will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, thnks to Qualcomm’s firm grasp on CDMA-related patents which make it rather compulsory for companies to release modified versions of their devices compatible with local bands, only solidifying Qualcomm’s monopoly in the USA.  Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 : Exynos 8895 vs Snapdragon 835”

LG G6 won’t feature a Snapdragon 835 because Samsung bought them all

Last year, in 2016, deciding between flagships came down to the software features, camera, and other stuff and not the specs. That was because almost every flagship had the same processors, RAM, storage, etc. This however might not be the case this year according to a report by Forbes. LG’s upcoming G6 will instead use the Snapdragon 821, which is what Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL launched with in the fall. Continue reading “LG G6 won’t feature a Snapdragon 835 because Samsung bought them all”

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 : All you need to know

Qualcomm revealed a few details about the Snapdragon 835 back in November and at CES, we’re getting a detailed look at what’s on offer with this year’s high-end SoC.

Qualcomm executives say the company’s next-generation Snapdragon 835 processor has entered production, and will soon power smartphones and augmented-reality devices beginning in the first half of 2017.  Continue reading “Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 : All you need to know”

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours : 6GB RAM, 256 GB storage, Snapdragon 835

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours have emerged once more, and they are extremely encouraging. In the aftermath of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Samsung appears to be going for broke, preparing possibly the most formidable flagship device it has ever created. For one, it appears like Samsung would be utilizing the most advanced next-generation mobile chipset from Qualcomm for the Galaxy S8, making the device the first of a new generation of flagship devices. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours : 6GB RAM, 256 GB storage, Snapdragon 835”

Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with Quick Charge 4.0 announced

Qualcomm largely had a successful 2016 thus far thanks to its Snapdragon 820/821. Even though the flagship Qualcomm chips have struggled in benchmark scores against some competitors, the consumers haven’t really complained about throttling and performance issues which plagued Qualcomm’s 2015 offering.

The SoC company announced this morning that its new Snapdragon 835 chipset is on the way, utilizing Samsung’s new 10 nanometer fabrication process, as well as the latest generation of its Quick Charge technology. Continue reading “Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with Quick Charge 4.0 announced”

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