Locky ransomware can affect you via Facebook and LinkedIn

Malware doesn’t always need to attack your computer through browser or OS based exploits. Sometimes, it’s the social networks themselves that can be the problem. An ongoing spam campaign is using boobytrapped image files to download and infect users with the Locky ransomware, Israeli security firm Check Point reports.

This works by taking advantage of flaws in the way Facebook and LinkedIn (among others) handle images in its bid to infect your PC. The security firm says that malware authors have identified vulnerabilities in the social networks that forcibly download a maliciously coded image file on the user’s computer, but in some cases, the user had to click on the image to download it. Continue reading “Locky ransomware can affect you via Facebook and LinkedIn”

Orkut founder is back at it again, but with a new social network called ‘Hello’

There was a time when Orkut was the only premier social networking website on the Internet. But soon after came about Facebook and changed the whole social network scenario. Thus, Orkut was shut down after a decade of service.

But the founder of the very first web social network, Orkut Büyükkökten hasn’t been sitting idle and whiling his time away. He is back and is trying another hand at social networking with his new passion project called ‘Hello’.

Continue reading “Orkut founder is back at it again, but with a new social network called ‘Hello’”

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