Samsung Electronics will focus more on software going forward, not the hardware

Samsung has, for quite some time now, been leading the global smartphone market with its well-made hardware based on strong competitiveness of parts for many years. But as the market gets flooded with cheaper Chinese options that provide a flagship experience with the price of smartphone components coming down, it is getting increasingly difficult to justify the price tag for Samsung’s flagships.

Cheaper device models are able to provide a smooth, joined up experience for the customer once reserved for flagship models. Companies such as MediaTek have introduced new, higher performance mid-range chipsets, and Samsung itself has contributed to this by selling its AMOLED panels at more affordable prices, meaning that more and more models are gaining this once-premium display type. Continue reading “Samsung Electronics will focus more on software going forward, not the hardware”

LG V20 : Software

LG just announced the V20, a successor to last year’s V10 smartphone. In 2015, the V10 stood out for its unique, sturdy design, a great camera, and audiophile-grade music playback. LG has retained two of those strengths and introduced others for the sequel.

Check out the first impressions and the comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 if you haven’t already. Here is where we talk about the software.

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Open Source or Proprietary Software?

I use a lot of open source software in my daily life. Android, Linux, infact, I am currently typing on a Ubuntu machine. I’m also a user of closed source (proprietary) software such as Windows 10 and am a big fan of certain pieces of software and OS’s so I thought it would be a good idea to look at the merits of open and closed source software.

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