Sponsored : Top tablet deals on Gearbest

The Chinese are celebrating new year and as such, there’s a new set of promo offers for tablets and laptops today, as usual courtesy of GearBest.com, that cuts up to 50% of their prices. We get Xiaomi laptops, Chuwi slates, Jumper mini tablet PCs, plus a few Onda and Yepo notebooks and 2 in 1 models. Let’s see what the offers from here all about. This is an opportunity for the entire hybrid or tablet PCs lover to go grab a deal. Continue reading “Sponsored : Top tablet deals on Gearbest”

GearBest Flash Sale Features A Wide Range of Phones, Tablets & Accessories at Upto 80% Discount

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Like all the Chinese online retailers, GearBest.com have a 11/11 sale with heavy discounts on some items. But of course, there is a catch. These items will be available in limited stock at the slashed prices. Gearbest have a 11.11 promo page now up where you can take a look at some of the offers and if you’re lucky even get a discount coupon in advance. Continue reading “GearBest Flash Sale Features A Wide Range of Phones, Tablets & Accessories at Upto 80% Discount”

Sponsored : Intel Inside products at ridiculously low prices

If you’re looking for products with uncompromising performance, say a laptop, you’re usually looking for one with an Intel chip inside. Generally, Intel processors are considered the better to their counterparts and for good reason. However, they performance has a price that is not always an affordable one, especially when the products with competing chipsets are available at lower prices.

But this is 2016, however, and if there’s one clear message the tech industry has given this year, it is “Never settle.” Gearbest is looking to offer ultra affordable Intel Inside products in a big promotional sale they’re holding from November 9 to November 15 but the stocks are limited. So if you’re interested, you will need to keep your eye out already. Here is what you should know about it.  Continue reading “Sponsored : Intel Inside products at ridiculously low prices”

Sponsored : Cube 2 in 1 tablets flash sale

Gearbest is holding a flash sale on cube 2 in 1 tablets currently and while many of the deals have ended already there are still quite a lot of good deals which you can check out. Take the Cube iWork 8 for example.

iWork 8 is a lightweight tablet, which is available in either android or windows operating systems. It has a micro sim slot and a long battery life. The tablet has several ports on the left side which includes a micro sim port, a high-definition multimedia (HDMI) port, which is the mini type and stronger than the old types, and the Universal serial bus port also known as the USB. It has a plastic housing textured with white matte, which does not show fingerprints, but dirt is seen on the white rear.  Continue reading “Sponsored : Cube 2 in 1 tablets flash sale”

Sponsored : Vernee Series Smartphones

While quality comes at a price, there’s no denying that nobody wants to spend a whole fortune on a smartphone. Fortunately, this is no longer a requirement if you want to get lay your grubby mitts on a handset that offers exceptional bang for the buck, bounce for the ounce, value for money, and a whole slew of other cryptic idioms.

Gearbest has launched a new special promotion on three Vernee smartphone, one of the most talked-about of the period: Vernee Apollo Lite, Vernee Mars and Vernee Thor . For the occasion, the online shopping portal is offering discounted prices in a flash sale.  Continue reading “Sponsored : Vernee Series Smartphones”

Sponsored : Cubot Max 6.0-inch 4G Phablet Review

Cubot is another emerging smartphone brand in China. Cubot is known for larger battery smartphones and great processors carrying a competitive price tag. Talking of the Cubot Max, it not only has a larger battery but also possesses a larger screen size. Cubot Max is a 6.0-inch phablet that comes with android 6.0 out of the box. The phablet is available in three colour variants : White, Gold and Black.

Continue reading “Sponsored : Cubot Max 6.0-inch 4G Phablet Review”

Deals : Save on mobile VR, tablets, and more from GearBest

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If you’re looking for really affordable gadgets and do not wish to spend a lot of your hard earned money, Gearbest is currently holding a sale offering various products at upto 15% off. This list includes a wide array of smartphones, tablets and VR headsets. Here are some of the best deals for you.

Note: Some of these deals are supply limited, so act fast.

Continue reading “Deals : Save on mobile VR, tablets, and more from GearBest”

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