Google Allo is getting a ‘Stranger Things’ sticker pack and an AI-assisted scavenger hunt

Netflix has another hit television series in Stranger Things. (Binge watch it if you haven’t!) The technologically savvy production house has not been shy in taking advantage of the popularity in previously working with Google to make a scary VR experience based on the show.

On the other hand, Google is trying hard to get folks using its AI-gifted Allo messenger service, so it has jumped on the popular Netflix show. In time for Halloween,  it has revealed some Stranger Things tie-ins, including a sticker pack and an AI-assisted scavenger hunt. Continue reading “Google Allo is getting a ‘Stranger Things’ sticker pack and an AI-assisted scavenger hunt”

Google Allo has Weird, but Still Wonderful Sticker Packs

In an early look at the beta version of Google Allo by Android Police, there are quite some good revelations coming out. While it has been discovered that Allo will come with the ability to delete individual messages from a conversation, unlike Hangouts which only allows deleting the entire conversation, there are also an interesting collection of stickers.

Continue reading “Google Allo has Weird, but Still Wonderful Sticker Packs”

Twitter, Depressingly, Tries to Be Snapchat

Move over Moments, because Twitter is releasing a new feature no one will care about.

This Thursday, Twitter will make its #Stickers feature available to all users, something that already functionally exists on Snapchat. #Stickers allows users to create collage custom emojis over photos.

The difference between #Stickers and what Snapchat already offers as a fundamental feature in their app is that users can tap on a sticker used in a tweeted photo, and scroll through a feed of other photos with that same sticker. Cute idea, but does anyone really care about how someone else is used a played out sunglasses emoji to “enhance” their content?

On Tuesday, Twitter reported that its shares fell 11 percent, marking its “slowest revenue growth since going public in 2013,” according to Reuters.

Twitter, babe, I love you so much. Imitating the features of a more popular app will not save you in the same way that, when a girl in middle school, buying knockoff versions of the rich popular girls’ designer clothes does not make her any cooler. In order to succeed, you must stay true to who you are.

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