Microsoft Surface phone is apparently ready for trial

Rumours about Microsoft Surface Phone have been floating for a very long time and so far we only have rumours. Today, we have one more. While previous rumours suggested that we may not see a Surface Phone any time soon, it is probably closer than most people think, at least according to a report by Chinese financial publication Commercial Times,

The Commercial Times of Taiwan reports that Chinese ODM Pegatron, which produces the iPhone and also the Surface Studio, is currently running production trials on the mythical Surface Phone. Continue reading “Microsoft Surface phone is apparently ready for trial”

Microsoft October Event : What to expect

Microsoft is holding a special Windows 10 and Surface event in New York City later this month. The software giant is sending invitations to select press, analysts, and other guests today, Oct. 7, for its Fall hardware showcase. The Fall hardware event also will be live-streamed starting 10 am ET on Oct. 26. The theme of the event this year is news around “the next chapter in the Windows story”. I assume this means there will be news around Windows 10 Redstone 2. Continue reading “Microsoft October Event : What to expect”

(Update : @MSAU officially confirms what we have suspected) Microsoft Australia supposedly confirms the Surface Phone! But we think not

Update : We contacted Microsoft Australia regarding this supposed accidental tweet and they have denied the tweet was from them and may have been edited. Analysing the situation closely however, as a conspiracy theorist, it may even be possible that the earlier report was true, and of course Microsoft Australia would want to cover it’s tracks. It seems very unlikely, however, we like to consider all possibilities.  We’ll let you decide for yourselves. In any case, it’s nice to see


Although one may wonder, what are the odds this could be an edited image as well, we can assure you it is “One Hundred Percent” authentic.

Continue reading “(Update : @MSAU officially confirms what we have suspected) Microsoft Australia supposedly confirms the Surface Phone! But we think not”

Microsoft’s Surface Phone may not arrive this year, or the next

Samsung, Apple, and LG have all launched their respective products this fall and with all those officially in our rear view mirrors, we have the Google October 4th event to look forward to and a Microsoft event that they have reportedly dubbed as ‘Project Rio’

It was rumoured that Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile saviour, the Surface Phone may arrive this fall but according to a new report from MSPoweruser, that may not happen this year, nor the spring next year.

Continue reading “Microsoft’s Surface Phone may not arrive this year, or the next”

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