Huawei : One of the best Android watch manufacturers could ditch Android wear

We’ve had previous reports that Huawei did not plan to release an Android wear smartwatch anytime soon. Huawei and Samsung have also been reportedly planning to move away from Android on their smartphones as well, while Huawei does not have a back up plan yet, Samsung is actively developing Tizen.

Amidst this if a new intel out of South Korea emerges claiming that Huawei may be ditching Android Wear that shouldn’t be very surprising. But the fact that Huawei might be going for Tizen OS is a bit surprising.

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Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier smartwatches now official

Samsung has unveiled the Gear S3 and it’s coming in two flavours. First up is the Samsung Gear S3 Classic, the natural successor to the Gear S2. Then there’s the more rugged Samsung Gear S3 Frontier.

Both still feature that rotating bezel that the Wareable team are all big fans of. Both pack in the same features across the board, but there’s some small differences in the design and connectivity departments.

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Can Samsung/Huawei really survive without Android?

Samsung is announcing its Tizen powered smartphones in India right now at an event as I sit here typing this out.

Apparently, Samsung is looking into how it can make its future phones run and sell without Google’s Android OS. The company wants to place its own Tizen OS front and centre, according to reports, as this would give it more control over its hardware and software and this, in turn, at least in theory, would mean more money for Samsung.

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Mobile OS wars : why we need a third OS and Can we get one?

IDC’s numbers on 2014 smartphone market share made it clear – the smartphone wars are pretty much over, and only two champions are left. In the green corner is Android, in the blue corner is iOS, and between them they accounted for 96.3% of smartphones shipped in 2014.

Most of the people you know probably either have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. That’s because they’re basically the only two popular options you’ll encounter when it’s time to upgrade your phone and you walk into a big-box electronics store or stop by your carrier’s store at the local mall. Sure, there are a few other options, like a BlackBerry or a Windows Phone, for users who are big fans of neither Android nor iOS. But with BlackBerry giving away into Android-based BlackBerry phones and Microsoft giving up on Windows Phone, it looks like those options may not be around much longer.

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