Mobile OS wars : why we need a third OS and Can we get one?

IDC’s numbers on 2014 smartphone market share made it clear – the smartphone wars are pretty much over, and only two champions are left. In the green corner is Android, in the blue corner is iOS, and between them they accounted for 96.3% of smartphones shipped in 2014.

Most of the people you know probably either have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. That’s because they’re basically the only two popular options you’ll encounter when it’s time to upgrade your phone and you walk into a big-box electronics store or stop by your carrier’s store at the local mall. Sure, there are a few other options, like a BlackBerry or a Windows Phone, for users who are big fans of neither Android nor iOS. But with BlackBerry giving away into Android-based BlackBerry phones and Microsoft giving up on Windows Phone, it looks like those options may not be around much longer.

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