Google Assistant can share web articles you’re reading with others

Back when Allo was announced, and even as it was launched to a mixed response to say the least, the most exciting and the only well received aspect of it was the inbuilt Google Assistant. But with the release of Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Google Assistant can finally be put through its paces and users can see to what extent they can use the virtual assistant. So far Google has only advertised the core features of Assistant, such as opening apps, asking questions, creating notes and reminders, along with many other typical information-related queries or tasks.

On the social media side of things, though, not much has been said about how it can help users interact and share content. Social media is an important aspect of the lives of many people, and for the most part, we look at and make posts from our smartphones. The same goes for looking at online content. With Google Assistant, Google wants to make our phones smarter for the things we use them for, so social media is a natural integration. As users are getting their hands in the Pixel, they’re also finding more tricks that are hidden beneath the surface. Continue reading “Google Assistant can share web articles you’re reading with others”

Use OK Google voice command to have your notifications read out to you

Ok Google is a very popular and useful Android feature. It does a lot already,  from playing music to opening apps, saving notes, and so many other things and in March of this year, Google opened the API up to developers. Doing so means developers can integrate app functionality with the OK Google command. This means users can invoke the app function with the ‘Ok Google’ command. The best example of this came with Youtube, which now lets you control the app with voice commands.

And now, we have an app that can read out your notifications for you. Remember how cool it used to be? I remember my teacher showing such a feature on his QWERTY equipped expensive Nokia. It wasn’t activated with a voice based command though.

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Microsoft maybe onto something huge for Cortana and Windows 10

It’s no secret that Microsoft is betting big on speech recognition. You only have to look at Cortana to see how the company has pushed both its own boundaries and the industry as a whole.

Microsoft say they are working on a major breakthrough to bring proper computer speech recognition to the masses. A new ‘conversational speech recognition system’ could be closer than ever and will help computers to understand the melting pot that is human language.

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Use ‘Ok Google’ to control your Youtube app on Android

Google voice commands on android are quite powerful. However, you might not have noticed that you can use them while watching videos on YouTube. Simply say “Ok, Google” and you can send a bunch of commands directly to the app. Google voice commands give you the ability to control YouTube even when you are making food, cleaning house, writing documents etc.

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Everything you can do with Google Now voice commands but probably didn’t know

Voice search is one of those features that seems silly, but is awesome once you start using it. With any Android device, there is the magic phrase “Okay Google”. The moment you speak those words, a whole new world of instant information opens up to you. But what are the limits of Google Now? How many questions can you ask it?

Google’s been pushing voice actions for a while, adding tons of new features and trying to make it seem more appealing. I, like many of you, thought the whole thing was pretty silly until I actually started using it. Voice search is fast. Really fast. No tapping, no correcting typos (as long as you’re in a reasonably quiet room, of course), and no scrolling through menus for contacts if you’re trying to call a friend. You can do everything nearly instantaneously—and it’s more than just search.

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