Xiaomi’s global head Hugo Barra is moving to Facebook

Former Googler Hugo Barra recently announced his plans to leave Xiaomi where he worked worked as a global VP since 2013. While at the time he did not announce his plans for the future apart from wanting some time off, Barra has now confirmed via Twitter that he has accepted a job offer from Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Barra will be joining the social network to lead its virtual reality efforts, including the Oculus team. as he will be leading the company’s Oculus team.   Continue reading “Xiaomi’s global head Hugo Barra is moving to Facebook”

Some Google Daydream VR headset units shipped early, but will not work just yet

Generally, a product shipping early is a good news for customers, but in case of Google’s Daydream VR headset, it sort of doesn’t matter. Sure yo get the hardware, but it’s nothing more than a blinding headset for your eyes for when you want to get away from the world.

Apparently since the early shipping of the headsets is accidental, and several days before the official November 10 shipping date, there’s no app available on the Playstore yet. Continue reading “Some Google Daydream VR headset units shipped early, but will not work just yet”

Sprayscape : A perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera from Google

It seems Alphabet Inc is well aware of what the customers are enjoying these days, with 3D being replaced by VR. The tech company is now juggling with a different VR camera application, called the Sprayscape. It’s a VR camera app for Android devices and it offers more than what traditional VR apps provide. According to Google, they combined two things they love—virtual reality (VR) and taking pictures—and calls the app “perfectly imperfect.”

This experimental application has been one of the many awesome projects that are launched every month, such as Google ‘Cardboard Camera’. Sprayscape operates by using the gyroscope and even Natcam Unity plugin of the smartphone for capturing and controlling images, giving a 360 degrees view.

Continue reading “Sprayscape : A perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera from Google”

Deals : Save on mobile VR, tablets, and more from GearBest

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If you’re looking for really affordable gadgets and do not wish to spend a lot of your hard earned money, Gearbest is currently holding a sale offering various products at upto 15% off. This list includes a wide array of smartphones, tablets and VR headsets. Here are some of the best deals for you.

Note: Some of these deals are supply limited, so act fast.

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