Google will soon warn users of “Repeat Offender” websites

Google wants to make the Internet a safer place to surf, it is after all the realm of Google’s existence. The Internet company will be taking those efforts in a slightly different direction. When a site engages in malicious behavior of any sort, such as phishing, Google is usually able to catch them in the act. When they do, they will warn users in Chrome and their search results about the site thanks to a service called “Safe Browsing”.

The company has revealed that these Safe Browsing warnings will expand to sites that it calls “repeat offenders”. Continue reading “Google will soon warn users of “Repeat Offender” websites”

OnePlus Australia website is fake, devices still won’t be available in Australia

If you’re not living in Australia, you probably might be surprised to know that OnePlus has yet to bring a phone to Australia. A website went live today and those who spotted it saw a bit of hope, and if you were one of those, you’d probably not like to hear that it’s not an official OnePlus website nor has it any affiliation with the Chinese OEM.

The website sure seems legit and closely mimics the main OnePlus website which makes the intentions questionable. Continue reading “OnePlus Australia website is fake, devices still won’t be available in Australia”

Google Launches An Android Tips & Tricks Minisite

Are you new to Android? Or have you been a long time casual user that’s looking to get more out of their Android phone than before? If this describes you or someone you know, you might be interested to learn that Google has launched a new Android tips and tricks minisite that will basically walk you through some of Android’s features.

Continue reading “Google Launches An Android Tips & Tricks Minisite”

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