Microsoft Surface phone is apparently ready for trial

Rumours about Microsoft Surface Phone have been floating for a very long time and so far we only have rumours. Today, we have one more. While previous rumours suggested that we may not see a Surface Phone any time soon, it is probably closer than most people think, at least according to a report by Chinese financial publication Commercial Times,

The Commercial Times of Taiwan reports that Chinese ODM Pegatron, which produces the iPhone and also the Surface Studio, is currently running production trials on the mythical Surface Phone. Continue reading “Microsoft Surface phone is apparently ready for trial”

HP Rumoured to Launch Another Windows Phone Smartphone in 2017

HP at the MWC in February unveiled the Windows 10-powered Elite X3. The smartphone also supported Windows 10’s Continuum feature and was focused for enterprise customers, but the high price, as well as some of the features that were not working as intended, kept even the most loyal Windows Phone fans from buying one

Despite the mild response to the Elite X3, it looks like HP is planning to launch another Windows phone in 2017.
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Microsoft Photos app receives a facelift and light theme support

Microsoft is redesigning the native application Photos in Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The app has just received the 16.1003.10012.0 version for Insiders in the fast cycle.

The update brings a surprising amount of change in the interface that users have requested.
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Microsoft’s Surface Phone may not arrive this year, or the next

Samsung, Apple, and LG have all launched their respective products this fall and with all those officially in our rear view mirrors, we have the Google October 4th event to look forward to and a Microsoft event that they have reportedly dubbed as ‘Project Rio’

It was rumoured that Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile saviour, the Surface Phone may arrive this fall but according to a new report from MSPoweruser, that may not happen this year, nor the spring next year.

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Lumia 525 gets update for Android Marshmallow

Who said it’s impossible to install Android Marshmallow on a smartphone running on Windows 8.1? A hacker has demonstrated that the Lumia 525, a phone that Microsoft has released in January 2014, can boot Marshmallow, but Triszka Balázs has specified only that he has a “reset vector exploit only for S4 SOC series”, without mentioning what exploit he used.

At a time when only 15% Android phones are running the one year old Android 6.0 Marshmallow, there’s a Windows phone which has been updated to the latest version of Android (Yes, its latest, at least till monday).

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Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update rolling out now

Two weeks after Microsoft delivered the Anniversary Update to Windows 10 for PCs, tablets, HoloLens, and IoT, the firm has begun the roll out on Windows phones too.

“The Windows 10 Anniversary Update has begun rolling out for Windows 10 Mobile,” Microsoft’s Michael Fortin reveals in an addendum to an August 2 blog post about the Anniversary Update launch. “The Anniversary Update includes additional features and improvements for your Windows 10 phone.”

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Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 2 to revamp Action Center

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is the first major update that the operating system has seen this year. Microsoft promised that the company will release two major “feature” updates every year to the OS. While we will keep seeing the cumulative updates each month, feature updates will only be rolled out twice a year. 

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Microsoft has a first-party app problem too

Microsoft’s lack of success regarding Windows Phone and now Windows 10 Mobile is widely regarded as being due to a lack of 3rd party developers creating apps for the platform. The head of Snapchat vehemently refuses to develop software for any of Microsoft’s platforms and actively disables any APIs that other developers try to use to make Snapchat compatible apps. Google does the same thing.  MetroVoice on Windows Phone was probably the most feature-rich Google Voice app on any platform. It even supported hands-free voice commands for phone calls and texting which is still not possible on other platforms. Microsoft made a pretty awesome YouTube app as well, but of course Google wouldn’t allow it.  So it seems a lot of app developers creating software for Android and iOS simply refuse to support Microsoft’s platform (and actively block others from doing so) out of spite. That’s one type of app problem.

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